6 Sept 16

Drive-Thru Followup:

I advise students to avoid sitting in a stationary vehicle for long. When in a vehicle, get the vehicle in motion as quickly as possible. So, using a fast-food drive-thru already violates that advice! But, like spending time in banks and jewelry stores (which I also advise against), we all find it necessary now and then!

Many fast-food drive-thrus feature two ordering lanes. Use the outer lane. Using the inner lane may trap your vehicle.

When sitting in line, remove your seat belt, so you can get to your pistol quickly, and/or exit the vehicle quickly.

With the exception of the driver’s-side window, keep all other windows up, doors locked.

Keep a car-length between your vehicle and the one in front. That open space continuously affords you the opportunity to escape when necessary. The practice may occasionally annoy cashiers, but they’ll get over it!’

Have money ready. Minimize fumbling! Put change in the console tray and then exit immediately. You can put it in your wallet later.

When you need to check your order in detail, do it right away, or drive around to an empty section of the parking lot. Don’t pull forward from the building, stop, and then start focusing on bags or change. You’re sitting in the “kill zone!”

Pay attention to the cashier, but also look past him and into the restaurant. When you suspect a robbery in progress, fight, or any other circumstance that may represent a threat to you, it is time to depart immediately!

Minimize distractions! Children, grandchildren (even some “adults” for that matter) fussing over what they want to order will predictably divide your focus. When they can’t seem to make up their minds, order for them. Your abruptly making decisions for them a few times will teach them a valuable lesson about dithering and indecisiveness!

Keep your head up! When a threat is detected at any time during the process, break-off and drive away immediately, jumping the curb when necessary. When it all turns out to be a false alarm, you can come back and get your food, or keep going and consider it an “investment” in your safety!

When bullets start flying, or some other threat is detected, your personal safety is usually best served by your staying in the vehicle and driving away. Your vehicle’s steel, even glass, afford considerable protection.

As the world situation continues to deteriorate, and desperation becomes even more commonplace, each of us need to reexamine every detail of our lives. We must honestly confront the necessity of making changes, even major ones, when necessary. Of course, all risks cannot be avoided, but they can be identified and “managed,” to the best of our ability.

As always, (1) alertness, (2) decisiveness, and (3) preparation are the keys to your continued good health!