27 Sept 16


I’ve been carrying an FNS-9 for several months now. Its basically FN’s version of the G19. 2k rounds through my copy by this time.

Made in the USA, my FNS-9 has run with almost no hiccups.

The only modification I made was to grind-off the magazine-release button on the right side. “Ambidextrous” magazine-release buttons are considered by the naive to be modern and trendy, but for one, I don’t want my magazine flying out of the pistol when I fall on my strong side!

The FNS’ jointed trigger is very nice!

This is a serious pistol that I can recommend!

Earlier this year I was carrying a SIG320 (SIG’s version of the Glock), which I also like. However, my 320, like some other copies, developed a “soft extraction” issue, occasionally leaving a fired case un-ejected.

When I told friends at SIG about the problem, they indicated that the 320 extractor had since been updated, and they promptly sent me the latest version, which my gunsmith installed. With the new extractor, soft-extraction problems instantly went away.

No matter how many “computer simulations” are done on a new product, issues like these will occasionally come up, but only with actual users, and only in the field. SIG obviously got right on it and fixed the problem, and they deserve credit for that!

All this time, I should mention that my Kahr PM45 has served me long and well as my back-up!

The other two Glock-like pistols I intend to gain personal experience with are the H&K VP9, and the Walther PPQ. I’ve had a number of students bring both to classes, and they always run well and get rave reviews!

With so many good choices, most aspiring Operators will find an acceptable candidate for concealed carry. While none are perfect (even Glocks!), all mentioned above are satisfactory, and recommended.

Look around you!

It is high time for all good and decent people to go armed.

Fewer excuses with each passing day, as we see!