5 Sept 16


From a student:

“My wife and I were departing a Starbucks drive-through yesterday. I was driving. Our driver’s-side window remained lowered as we exited and approached the adjoining road. We paused at the stop sign and waited for an opportunity to pull into the near traffic lane.

As we sat there, the driver from a vehicle parked off to the side suddenly exited and started walking briskly toward me. As he got close, he put his hand up and started to say something, obviously trying to garner my attention..

Per my training, my support-side hand went up immediately, and I said in a loud and emphatic voice:

“Sorry sir. I can’t help you.”

He was visibly irritated that I didn’t let him complete his sentence, but he correctly interpreted my hand gesture and stopped in his tracks. My wife, in the passenger seat (also a DTI student), had her head up, instantly knew what was happening, and her hand was on her concealed pistol (within her GTM handbag) without delay. At the next traffic window, she said to me “go now,” and I knew exactly what she meant.

I pulled forward into traffic, and we were on our way, none the worse for wear!

I was pleased that we were able to disengage quickly, and then abruptly separate without the encounter having an opportunity to escalate.

No guns blandished. No one hurt, except maybe some feelings. The whole thing was over in less than ten seconds, and hardly even qualifies as an ‘incident,’ but only because we were alert, prepared, and knew what to do!”


When someone precipitously changes directions and moves toward you, or moves in your direction the moment he notices you, that is a real danger sign!

For one, I’ve noticed drive-through exits are often places where no-goods like to loiter. They’re looking for people with money in their hands and who are simultaneously not paying attention.

The criminal world has obviously identified these areas a vulnerable choke-points.

As we see, alertness and preparation are the keys to continued good health!