3 Sept 16

“The shallow believe in luck. The strong believe in cause and effect.”


“Chi-raq” is the movie name bestowed upon the City of Chicago. Although proved shockingly true on a daily basis, Mayor Emanuel, reverting to type, forbids the term in his presence.

If the mayor were a Republican, Chicago’s tail-spin into chaos and violent crime would be a screaming, ongoing headline.

But of course, liberals can do no wrong! When events embarrassingly fail to fit the liberal agenda, or make liberal politicians look bad/incompetent, they are contemptuously ignored by the media, with their now-familiar self-righteous, casual attitude toward the truth!

Thus, Chicago’s scandalous, and worsening, crime wave is largely unreported.

But, it is all too real for those who live there!

This, from a friend in the area:

“Every highway that I travel daily on my way to work, has had recent (mostly unreported) shooting incidents.

Leftist politicians, like our mayor, whine endlessly about guns in the hands of frightened citizens like me (his own guns apparently don’t bother him). But, guns in the hands of violent criminals (who vote for him) he and his liberal colleagues are unwilling to do anything about.

Like most among the working, contributing, and tax-paying, I’m fed-up and frightened, and it is self-evident that my vote will never count!”

We’ve only to look south to Venezuela (also Brasil, Mexico, et al) to see where this is all going:

Violent gangs are thriving, and now represent a “shadow government” in Venezuela. They have grown rich through kidnaping, drugs, and extortion. They murder and terrorize with impunity, all amid the nation’s triple-digit inflation, and severe shortages of nearly everything. It’s the “Mad Max” scenario, going on right now!

President Maduro’s liberal regime, like Emanuel’s, renders vacuous lip-service, but does nothing. Promised “crack-downs” on violent criminals are, like Emanuel’s, so much empty wind!

Back in CONUS, August marks the 16th CONSECUTIVE month of record gun sales!

The dwindling percentage of Americans who work, contribute, and pay taxes are heartsick and frightened, and our fear is manifested through purchases of guns and ammunition (which liberals are trying to stop in every way they can).

The situation in Chicago, and Venezuela, will not improve any time soon. In fact, it will wax worse, much worse!

“Remember one thing about democracy. We can have anything we want, and at the same time, we always end up with exactly what we deserve.”

Edward Albee