14 Sept 16

“Learned Helplessness” and Our “Unarmed Forces”

On 20 June 1985 four uniformed, but unarmed, US Marines, assigned to our Embassy in El Salvador, were gunned-down during a leftist guerrilla “drive-by” attack. They were obviously singled-out and specifically targeted by the Communists.

I wonder if those young Marines had ever been briefed about maintaining personal safety in a Central-American nation being ripped apart by Communist insurgency.

In light of the 241 (also unarmed) US Marines who were murdered during an explosive attack in Beirut, Lebanon on 23 Oct 1983, they surely should have been!

But, those lessons have been, and continue to be, ignored, because they conflict with our current leftist political agenda.

That agenda is characterized, indeed defined, by our politicized Pentagon’s maniacal preoccupation with eternally separating our military personnel from guns!

In truth, they twist themselves into pretzels in an effort to keep our military personnel, of all branches, unconditionedly unarmed and defenseless, and thereby “administratively safe” (whatever that means), even when deployed. It is a vacuous, “feel-good” goal that has become immeasurably more important than killing enemy combatants, or winning wars.

It gets worse!

Our apparent national goal of emasculating sheepdogs has now extended to our civilian police.

American police, who have always been armed, on-duty and off, are now being told that they cannot attend sporting events while armed. Police chiefs are being pressured to institute policies that allow their cops to be armed only while on-duty, as in the UK and other European nations. Some are beginning to crumble under the pressure.

“Gun-free zones,” which now apply to police as well as the rest of us, are expanding daily.

The leftist political agenda insists upon personal helplessness/defenselessness at all times, for all of us, in uniform or not (leftist politicians make exceptions of themselves, of course).

Leftists sincerely believe that violent criminals deserve protection from you. Thus, being a “good victim” is your solemn civic duty!

Leftists are not good people. When in power, they become paranoid monsters!”

“Helplessness is such a rotten feeling… Being helpless is like being paralyzed. It’s sickness.”

Chuck Barris