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Record murders in Chicago? Worse than it looks!

31 Dec 12 These sage and sobering comments from my friend and colleague, Dave Grossman: “Chicago’s murder-rate is actually much, much worse than it looks! We must constantly keep in mind the fact that the murder/death rate is being held down by medical technology! A major University of Massachusetts/Harvard study told us, if we still […]

Dubious Distinction!

30 Dec 12 The City of Chicago now has the dubious distinction of exceeding the previous record for most homicides in a single year. Memphis and Newark are jealous! This, in a city where there are no longer any legitimate gun retailers, and where individual gun-ownership, of any kind, is all but completely prohibited. The […]

Aimpoint T1/H1 and railed (Picatinny) military rifles

29 Dec 12 The last Quip has generated many responses with questions about mounting Aimpoints on serious rifles. I’m no-doubt a fan of red-dots on rifles intended for serious purposes. All are surely serviceable, but the Aimpoint T1/H1 heads the List! As my friend and colleague, Manny Kapelsohn, points out: “‘Sight-alignment’ (front sight correctly aligned […]


29 Dec 12 Comp-Tac’s new Trojan-Horse Long-gun Concealment Case, “Trohlogucca,” for short, (sounds Italian!) With the current feeding-frenzy among American gun-buyers, mostly involving military rifles and accouterments, gun-owners, police and otherwise, are wondering how to keep and transport their military rifles in a low-profile manner, but in “transport-mode” (hammer down, manual-safety “off,” magazine inserted) or […]

Trigger technique for serious rifles in serious circumstances

27 Dec 12 This question from a friend: “Is there a stable way of aiming a rifle while standing? Yesterday, friends and I were engaged in cold-weather rifle drills. I used my AR, equipped with an EoTech optic. Standing and shooting at multiple, steel targets (7″x12″). Several consecutive hits, then movement. We started at 40m, […]

True enlightenment, from another psychologist

26 Dec 12 True enlightenment, from another psychologist: “Predicting gratuitous violence at any particular place and time, and on the part of a particular individual, is impossible and represents a perfect example of what we call ‘The Base-Rate Dilemma’ Violence is extremely rare among our general population, especially mass violence of the Newtown/Aurora/Columbine kind. That […]

More on mental health:

23 Dec 12 This from a practicing psychologist: “For twenty-five years, I have been asked to assess individuals who, for whatever reason, are suspected of being ‘not-quite-right.’ In the process, I have met murderers, child-molesters, thieves, and plenty of other dangerous characters. I am routinely asked to predict who is about to ‘crack-up’ and who […]

Editorial response

23 Dec 12 Of course, no self-respecting liberal can possibly agree with anything the NRA has to say, so liberal newspapers have been currently spewing-out their requiem hatred toward the NRA and all American gun-owners. They always do! One AZ newspaper’s Sunday editorial suggested “… identifying the mentally-ill, instead of posting armed guards at schools” […]


22 Dec 12 Robinson Armament, of North Salt Lake City, UT, was founded in 1996 and is run by my friend and colleague, Alex Robinson. I’ve known Alex from the beginning, and I have copies of his celebrated XCR Rifles in 5.56×45 (223 Rem), 6.8mm, 7.62×39 (30 Soviet), and now 7.62×51 (308 Win). I know […]

Unintended Consequences?

20 Dec 12 Comments from a friend in the Federal System: “Oh, John, you don’t give Slick Willy nearly enough credit! His 1994 ‘assault weapon’ ban effectively caused the price of police equipment to rise so high that average police officers couldn’t afford to purchase necessary gear. For example, practically overnight normal-capacity Glock magazines went […]

Buying Frenzy!

20 Dec 12 The current buying frenzy of guns, magazines, and ammunition far surpasses what we witnessed in 1994, under WJC, and in 2008 when BHO was first elected, and earlier this year when he was re-elected. We’ve never seen anything close to this! I was at a large gun retailer yesterday and discovered our […]

More on .223 ammunition

20 Dec 12 Just got a call from friends at Cor-Bon. They currently have a good supply of 223 hardball too, once again, at least for now. Get it while you still can! CorBon 605 347 4544 /John

223 ammunition!

20 Dec 12 Right now, most retail stocks of 223 ammunition are sold-out. For those of us who need some, call Jodi at International Cartridge. They have a good supply, at least for now! International Cartridge PO Bx 200864 Pittsburgh, PA 15251 814 938 6820 /John

More fallout

18 Dec 12 Never ones to let a tragedy go to waste, senate Democrats (who else?) are currently firing the first salvo of anti-gun legislation, in the wake of last week’s incident in CT. They now want to ban from possession, on the part of any of us peons, virtually all the common military rifles […]

School Solution

16 Dec 12 School Solution, from a friend on the East Coast: “We are a Jewish family, and all our minor children attend a Jewish elementary school. The school itself does its best to maintain a low profile, but, due to its academic excellence, its appearance and location are well known in the area. We […]

More on the CT shooting

15 Dec 12 “In this world, there are walls, and guarding those walls are men with guns” Col Nathan R Jessup, USMC (played by Jack Nicholson) in the 1992 feature film, A Few Good Men As details from the sickening CT shooting incident emerge, we learn that the school where the incident took place had […]

CT School Shooting this morning

14 Dec 12 A quotation from a local teacher and mother: “What on earth is it going to take for someone to start training and arming teachers, so they have some chance in hell of protecting our babies, and themselves?” I can’t put it better! We’re just now beginning to hear requiem screeches from leftist […]

Only in America!

12 Dec 12 As the Nineteenth Century came to a close, the Ordnance Department was anxious to replace existing Trap-Door Springfield Rifles with something that fired faster and kept its reserve of ammunition in the rifle itself, rather than having it sit in a cartridge belt. The candidate that emerged the winner was the Norwegian-designed […]


7 Dec 12 From a friend in the System: “Like you, I normally carry two flashlights, both Surefires, a small one with only one battery, and a larger one that takes two. Both have served me well. On a recent 10-day TDY to Kabul, both died (dead batteries) within hours of each other! While the […]

“Safe” Guns?

6 Dec 12 In the wake of my last Quip, I received many responses with regard to appropriate gun-handling in an instructional environment. I realize that what follows is controversial, at least in the minds of some: On my end of the spectrum, our exposure to guns is all “serious.” There are many recreational (non-serious) […]