29 Dec 12

Comp-Tac’s new Trojan-Horse Long-gun Concealment Case, “Trohlogucca,” for short, (sounds Italian!)

With the current feeding-frenzy among American gun-buyers, mostly involving military rifles and accouterments, gun-owners, police and otherwise, are wondering how to keep and transport their military rifles in a low-profile manner, but in “transport-mode” (hammer down, manual-safety “off,” magazine inserted) or some other relatively high degree of readiness.

Our current amateurish Administration, along with our bungling Congress, inspire scant confidence, and most Americans, correctly, see few optimistic signs. Severe, and unhappy events are just around the corner, as depressing consequences of our decades-long fiscal folly are no longer avoidable, nor postponeable.

So, not surprisingly, panicked Americans are buying guns, many of whom have never owned, nor even considered owning, guns before, and their voracious appetite shows no sign of abating any time soon. Sooner or later, it will occur to some of these unseasoned gun-owners that their new M4, AK, XCR, FAL, PTR, SIG/556, SCAR, M1 Carbine, et al will be of scant benefit when it is continually locked in a safe and thus unaccessible. The bodies of many murdered householders have been found in their homes, with all guns they owned safely lock-up!

So, once again, how do I keep handy, and transport, my M4, with mounted optic, mounted weaponlight, and 30-round magazine inserted, without inheriting a high-profile and resultant unwanted attention?

Comp-Tac’s new “Trohlogucca,” Case provides an excellent solution to this problem. In the past, I’ve used viola-cases, tennis-racket cases, Lacrosse-racket cases, baseball-bat cases, and golf-bags, in an attempt to transport military rifles, in transport-mode, without inheriting undue notice from hotel-clerks, valets, and others. All these methods “worked,” to one degree or another, but the case itself was invariably too short, not deep enough, and/or required removal of the magazine and/or collapsing of the stock in order to get the rifle completely concealed within it.

Conversely, conventional gun-cases, specifically designed to transport long guns, may handily accommodate everything, but externally they look like “gun-cases,” and some people, upon seeing them, immediately suspect that you’re transporting guns. Again, the kind of attention I don’t want!

Comp-Tac’s low-profile Case is hard-sided and designed to be opened rapidly. Rifles go in and come out of it quickly and smoothly. Easily carried, I’ve already found no one pays any attention to it! Externally, it looks like a tennis-racket case, or some other kind of sporting case. It deftly accommodates my M4, with mounted Aimpoint T1, 30-round magazine inserted, two-point sling, mounted weaponlight, and the stock fully extended. It also easily accommodates my XCR-M, also with stock extended, and magazine inserted, and mounted Aimpoint T1. Same with most other military weapons listed above.

This new product from my friends at Comp-Tac is well put-together, well thought-out, and specifically designed to address this thorny issue of low-profile transport. I use it!


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