29 Dec 12

The last Quip has generated many responses with questions about mounting Aimpoints on serious rifles.

I’m no-doubt a fan of red-dots on rifles intended for serious purposes. All are surely serviceable, but the Aimpoint T1/H1 heads the List!

As my friend and colleague, Manny Kapelsohn, points out:

“‘Sight-alignment’ (front sight correctly aligned with rear sight) is far more important than ‘sight-picture’ (front in rear, on target). A tiny deviation from perfect sight-alignment will cause an error of that same magnitude each time the bullet travels the length of the rifle’s sight-radius. Accordingly, so long as front and rear sights are properly aligned, the degree of deviation will be limited to that caused by the arc-of-error inherent in the movement of the rifle itself (no matter how still we try to hold it). Put another way, the bullet will hit exactly where the sights are aimed at the instant the shot breaks. With continuous perfect (or very good) sight-alignment, combined with an arc-of-error that stays within the borders of the target, our bullet will at least hit the target somewhere. Conversely, with only a small error in sight-alignment, we can easily miss the target entirely. So, while a perfect “sight-picture” is desirable, but usually unsustainable, perfect sight-alignment is continuously critical.”

All profoundly true, but a red-dot makes the foregoing irrelevant! With a red-dot, there is no “alignment” of anything. The Operator simply puts the dot on the target, holds as steady as possible, tracks the target when necessary, and simultaneously, carefully presses the trigger. It matters not where the dot is within the optic itself. Red-dots thus represent a great boon to mankind!

So, if I’ve persuaded you that you need one, comes the question, “How do I get an Aimpoint on my rifle, at the correct height to co-witness with my BUIS (back-up iron sights), and on a good quick-release mount that will enable me to get it off of my rifle rapidly when lenses frost-over, or I unexceptedly experience some other ill to which flesh is heir, and am thus compelled to default to my BUIS?”

The answer is: Get hold of LaRue Tactical. You don’t have to assemble all the parts individually. Mark Larue has the entire package, ready to go!

Larue will supply you with the Aimpoint T1/H1, already mounted on the riser of the correct height (just tell them what brand of BUIS you’re using and if you want them in the middle or in the bottom-third of the optic), and the whole thing already affixed to Larue’s wonderful Quick-Release Mount. When you remove the unit from its shipping container, all you have to do is plunk it on your rifle’s top-rail, forward, middle, or rear. Nothing to assemble. The T1/H1 is not eye-relief critical. I prefer it forward-mounted and out of my face, but most prefer it in the middle somewhere.

That’s it! You’re now ready to take your rifle to the range and sight it in.

Mark Larue, like Alex Robinson, Peter Pi, Lynn Thompson, Dave Lauck, Robbie Barrkman, Paul Buffoni, Dan Smith, Gregg Garrett, Mark Krebs, Brian Hoffner, John Klein, Ronin Colman and a host of others, is a modern, American entrepreneur/hero. I am honored to be counted among his friends, and I recommend his company and products, right readily!

Mark’s rifles and accessories are second to none, and, when you need a fully-assembled red-dot system, ready to go, he is the one to see!

Call him at 512 259 1585