7 Dec 12

From a friend in the System:

“Like you, I normally carry two flashlights, both Surefires, a small one with only one battery, and a larger one that takes two. Both have served me well.

On a recent 10-day TDY to Kabul, both died (dead batteries) within hours of each other! While the chances of this happening would seem statistically insignificant, as you have mentioned on many occasion, it is 100% when it happens to you!

Fortunately, my partner lent me one of his for the duration of the trip.

Some time ago, I changed batteries in both my flashlights, (1) at the same time, and (2) from the same package of batteries. The incident described above represents an important lesson with regard to that discrepant convention.

It might involve some inconvenience to avoid this practice. However for one, I will- from this point forward!”


“I fought sixty-six full-contact fights globally. I won sixty, and learned nothing. I lost six, and learned much!”

Dr U Maung Gyi