16 Dec 12

School Solution, from a friend on the East Coast:

“We are a Jewish family, and all our minor children attend a Jewish elementary school. The school itself does its best to maintain a low profile, but, due to its academic excellence, its appearance and location are well known in the area.

We Jews, whether in Israel or here, are acutely aware of the continuing threat to us and our children, no matter where we live. It is not paranoia, as I’m not talking about ‘imagined’ threats, am I?

Because of our community’s ability to accurately comprehend threats and threat-levels, we have elected not to do what is currently common in this civilization: (1) pretend threats don’t exist, and (2) wager our lives on police arriving sometime before the last shot is fired.

So, this is what we’ve all agreed upon and instituted:

Each father, including me, is on a mandatory, rotating duty-schedule. Each of us is thus ‘on-duty’ several days each month, all day. Yes, we have to take days off from work. We are posted in the back of each classroom, visibly armed with both an AR and a pistol. All our weapons are constantly loaded and ready, and can be plainly seen as such. Each child thus knows and understands that there is always a father, their own or that of one of one of their schoolmates, there with them in the classroom all the time, and he is able, willing, and committed to defending them with his life.

We consider this system the only logical and effective solution to our security challenges.

Again, it is as low-profile as we can reasonably make it, and from the outside, a casual observer can’t see any of this, but all of us, children, parents, teachers, and administrators know, and are thankful for, what we have put in place.

And, as you might say, we don’t care who likes it!”

Comment: Americans are responding to the latest mass-murder incident, not with cries for additional restrictions on our freedom, but by going out and buying guns! ARs, XCRs, PTRs, FALs, M1As, SIG/556s, Kalashnikovs, et al, as well as magazines and ammunition, are currently being bought-up so quickly, dealers can’t keep them in stock.

Even requiem anti-gun editorials are currently muted, as Americans are in no mood to be piously lectured, by media elitists and political gas-bags alike, that we are too stupid to own guns!

The Jewish Community, at least in the case described above, is smart enough to perceive real problems and come up with real solutions, not just the same old tired, fictitious, worthless fluff suggested by most politicians.

Good show, guys!