15 Dec 12

“In this world, there are walls, and guarding those walls are men with guns”

Col Nathan R Jessup, USMC (played by Jack Nicholson) in the 1992 feature film, A Few Good Men

As details from the sickening CT shooting incident emerge, we learn that the school where the incident took place had recently installed and instituted new (presumably modern) “safety protocols.” They apparently were not helpful!

It is not clear at this point if the single perpetrator broke into the building, forced his way past monitors, or was let in.

In any event, the principle that we dare not miss is this:

“Safety protocols,” security systems, CCTV, etc, when they don’t include meaningful backup, represent little more than naive self-deception.

It is the same delusional thinking that causes the gullible to place way too much faith in “gated communities,” and electronic security systems. All this has some value, but none of it will ever significantly dissuade a determined and evil intruder, as we see.

Such evil men can only be affirmatively and unconditionedly repelled in one way- with gunfire! Nothing less will be effective. And, when good people, already on the scene, are not able, prepared, willing, and trained to deliver precision gunfire at the critical moment, everything else is just idle conversation!

When the idea of arming commercial pilots was first broached, it was predictably greeted by the liberal press as crazy and criminal. Now, it is an accepted practice, and there have been precious few negative issues associated with it. It serves, every single day, as a powerful deterrent. Do you recall any media pundits now sheepishly admitting they were wrong?

When my courageous colleague, and friend, Mas Ayoob, first suggested a similar system be instituted, on a voluntary basis, with teachers, the press treated him the same way. They still so!

Gun-haters in our culture are so blind, so arrogant, so devoted to their false gods, they would rather see the situation continue than admit they’re wrong. These are the same people who predictably, vehemently opposed all “shall-issue” state concealed-carry laws that we now take for granted. Over and over, they oh-so-sanctimoniously predicted “gratuitous gunfights in the streets.” When proven wrong (over and over!), they suddenly develop amnesia!

We’ll now all need great courage to withstand predictable assaults on our rights as Americans, with the liberal media leading the way.

“One of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a ‘dangerous citizen’ these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our Founding Fathers used in our Great Struggle for Independence.”

Charles Austin Beard