18 Dec 12

Never ones to let a tragedy go to waste, senate Democrats (who else?) are currently firing the first salvo of anti-gun legislation, in the wake of last week’s incident in CT. They now want to ban from possession, on the part of any of us peons, virtually all the common military rifles we currently depend upon for home protection, and all magazines holding more than ten rounds.

They love to fraudulently use terms like “common sense” and “reasonable” to describe their draconian proposals. Remember, these are the same terms Hitler used to describe his anti-Jewish “rules” in the 1930s. In both cases, they’re lying, and it’s just the beginning!

They falsely assure us that existing “assault weapons” and magazines will be “grandfathered-in.”

Don’t believe it!

This is just the camel’s nose, getting under the tent. They’ll change the rules before the ink is dry. They’re planning on forced confiscation of everything they arbitrarily declare “contraband.” No gun, and no magazine, will be safe!

One thing you can always count on when liberal politicians propose legislation:

Be it Social Security, or gun-bans, they, themselves, will be specifically exempted! All new restrictions they’re planning for us, won’t apply to them. Imagine that! They’ll still have plenty of “assault weapons” protecting them, all while they tell us we’re too stupid to own them. Arrogant hypocrisy fairly drips from them!

The only kind of “citizens” liberals want are helpless, defenseless, destitute, and hopelessly dependant. Then, we can be controlled, absolutely!

Good, decent, and fiercely independent Americans need to oppose them at every opportunity.

This is the fight!

“If you put our federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there would be a shortage of sand!”

M Friedman