14 Dec 12

A quotation from a local teacher and mother:

“What on earth is it going to take for someone to start training and arming teachers, so they have some chance in hell of protecting our babies, and themselves?”

I can’t put it better!

We’re just now beginning to hear requiem screeches from leftist politicians (all, themselves, heavily armed) about guns and how none of us mere peons should be able to own one. As always, they want to punish everyone who didn’t commit a crime!

Unhappily, real issues will be buried. The real issues are (1) the faulty, but universal, policy of “lock-downs.” and (2) “gun-free” zones.

As a “standard” response to a security emergency, locking children (or any group) into classrooms and other small areas, is tantamount to herding them into coffins, as we saw this morning! My personal response to any “lock-down” command is to vacate the area immediately, as fast as I can, any way I can, and I don’t care who likes it! “Lock-downs” represent a fatally-flawed convention. Israelis, experts on the subject, have known this for years.

“Gun-free” schools are more accurately entitled “criminal-empowerment zones.” Nothing short of armed teachers and other school officials will adequately protect children in schools. There aren’t enough police to go around, and disarming every good and honest citizen in the country won’t keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals, as we daily see in Mexico and most of the Mid-East. Until teachers are armed and trained, no school will be safe.

Someone has to be continually on the spot- (1) able, (2) ready, (3) willing, and (4) in a position, to physically protect these children!