20 Dec 12

The current buying frenzy of guns, magazines, and ammunition far surpasses what we witnessed in 1994, under WJC, and in 2008 when BHO was first elected, and earlier this year when he was re-elected. We’ve never seen anything close to this!

I was at a large gun retailer yesterday and discovered our state’s highly-touted “instant-check” system isn’t! In fact, it is currently so constipated that “instant” approvals are now taking in excess of twenty-four hours. Hundreds of guns were behind the counter, already sold, but awaiting transfer approval. Simultaneously, unsold inventory is nearly gone, with resupply at this point mostly speculative. Ammunition is by and large sold-out. 223, in every brand and bullet weight, is definitely all gone. And, there was a fidgety line of anxious gun-buyers extending out the door. It’s the same all over!

This frenzy shows no sign of abating. In fact, it is reinvigorated with every WH press briefing!

It is generally acknowledged that the infamous 1994 Clinton gun/magazine-ban accomplished nothing. It was a cynical gesture to leftists, but had no effect on crime. When it expired in 2004, hardly anyone noticed, and crime was, once again, unaffected. When its failure to produce measurable results became indisputable, liberals put forward the same lame excuse they always do: “We didn’t go far enough.”

This is a hallmark of liberals. It is called “The Inquisition Torturer’s Lamentation”

During the Inquisition of the 13th Century, sadistic torturers would assure their employers that all that was needed to extract the desired “confession” from the heretic who was being “interrogated” was just one more turn of the thumb-screw, one more crank of the rack. When that failed to produce the desired result, the case was immediately made anew! Of course, torturers didn’t care a whit about confessions. They liked torture for its own sake!

Likewise, when liberals propose a new round of restrictions on guns, in advance, they know full-well it won’t work. Their dirty little secret is: They don’t want it to work! They want to come back after its abject failure is obvious and, once again, argue that the last round of repression was not draconian enough, and that the next round of is now acutely necessary, always “for our own good,” of course.

So, we now see hypocritical liberals (is there another kind?), while publically paying lip-service to the next round of restrictions on guns, privately running out and buying all the guns and ammunition they can.

Imagine that!

“Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it”

M Friedman