30 Dec 12

The City of Chicago now has the dubious distinction of exceeding the previous record for most homicides in a single year. Memphis and Newark are jealous! This, in a city where there are no longer any legitimate gun retailers, and where individual gun-ownership, of any kind, is all but completely prohibited.

The mature reaction on the part of the city’s political leadership (all Democrats, of course)? Sit down with gang “leaders” and try to persuade them to be “less violent.”

From a friend who lives there:

“When our Chicago Police Superintendent sits down with street-gang ‘leaders,’ and, on bended knee, pleads with them to stop murdering each other quite so enthusiastically, at least until after the next election, because ‘… this is getting serious’ instead of arresting them and locking them up on the spot, what are we decent and law-abiding residents (a shrinking minority!) supposed to think?

Violent street-gangs, whose members are responsible for most of the current mayhem, apparently have little to fear from the CPD, the mayor’s office, and the Chief of Police. Gangs cannot operate successfully without tacit approval from local politicians. If the chief of police, and the Mayor, were serious about addressing the current murder-rate, gang-leaders and most members (all of whom have multiple, outstanding felony warrants, and could be arrested any time) would be in jail.

Why aren’t they? Because a high level of violent crime is ‘good for business,’ the business of high taxes, more city employees, more infringements upon our individual rights as Americans. Plus, liberal politicians openly depend upon votes and support sent their way by the criminal element.

What we see currently is a repeat of the Al Capone era, where gangsters and local politicians enjoyed a cozy, symbiotic relationship, both groups of parasites living off the honest labor of the few good and honorable citizens who are left.”


“… too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.”


That has become the liberal, Democrat mantra! Buying and manipulating votes, so that they can stay in power in perpetuity, and pseudo-sanctimoniously lord it over beleaguered, honest citizens who are struggling to pay their taxes. That is all that matters to them, and all that ever has.

Political support and votes, even from violent criminals, openly solicited, sought, bought and paid for. This is what has become of a once-great, once-dignified city!