Monthly Archives: April 2024

AGAG Annual Conference

30 Apr 24   A Girl and a Gun, Annual Conference, Cameo Range Complex, Palisades (Grand Junction), CO   The AGAG Annual Conference (25-28 Apr 24) just concluded, and Vicki and I were both there, both conducting Classes. We were joined by sixty other instructors!   Attendees numbered over seven hundred. This is a huge […]


23 Apr 24   Update, from a friend in Israel:   “What has saved many innocent Jewish lives in the past manifested itself, once again, yesterday:   ‘Terrorist weapons that are poorly made, poorly maintained’   Two teenage Islamic terrorists drive a car directly into a group of Jews congregated near a synagogue, then they […]

The “Right” People

21 Apr 24   “In the land of the deaf, you have to shout!   Flannery O’Connor   The “Right People!”   In the interest of full-disclosure, I surely qualify as one of HRC’s hated “Deplorables,” and I have clearly failed to live-up to her standards, so my perspective is thus likely not one that […]

When it’s least expected…!

15 Apr 24   “Fate makes no appointments, nor does it wait! You have to be alert and ready the instant it arrives.”   Anon   Shopping mall stabbing in Sidney, Australia, Saturday, 13 Apr 24   Six unsuspecting, innocent shoppers were murdered at a busy shopping mall in Sidney, Australia last Saturday afternoon.   […]

Oh Boy!

13 Apr 24   “In an emergency, who does something is sometimes wrong. Who does nothing is always wrong!”   Canadian General Julian Byng, 1917   Here we go in April, 2024!   Hold-on tight!   Iran’s conspicuous (and ongoing) missile-attack upon Israel today may be just a diversion. The “main attack” may materialize elsewhere. […]

Six Months Later!

10 Apr 24   “No ‘Plan of Operations’ extends with certainty beyond first encounter with the enemy’s main strength”   Helmuth von Moltke   Six Months Later:   Friends in Israel tell me that even after events of 7 Oct 23, gun-ownership among private (non-military) Jewish citizens in Israel is still rare.   Among American […]

Tac-Com 2024

8 Apr 24   Tac-Com, 2024   Tom Givens’ 2024 Tactical Conference in Dallas, TX just concluded, and it was Vicki’s and my honor and privilege to be included, once more!   As always, there were dozens of lecture classes (mine included), hands-on classes, as well as live-fire classes on various ranges, including defensive handgun, […]

Solar Eclipse!

4 Apr 24   “It’s dangerous business, going out your front door!”   JRR Tolkien   Solar Eclipse, 8 Apr 24 (Mon)   Friends in the System tell me that we were extremely lucky there were no major Islamic terrorist incidents on Easter Sunday, but we may not be so lucky on 8 Apr 24, […]

House of Failure

2 Apr 24   “The only thing standing between you and your goal is that bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”   Jordan Belfort   Comments on excuse-making, from a renowned circuit judge, now retired:   “I heard that excuse from nearly every defendant, in every case, no […]


1 Apr 24   “Never ruin an apology with an excuse”   Ben Franklin   “True repentance,” or merely “excuse-making?”   On 23 Mar 24 in Texas, a twelve-year-old boy entered the garage of an elderly woman and precipitously stabbed her (nearly to death).   The woman surely would have died had her own son […]