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29 June 21   No protection!   Last Friday, in Wuerzburg, Germany, a man of Somali origin nonchalantly walked into a department store and asked to look at knives.   He then casually selected one and immediately stabbed three women, while AA shouting. All three died at the scene!   Several others were subsequently attacked, […]

Yesterday’s Speech

24 June 21   “Most don’t know what they believe. They only know what they wish to believe.   How many blame God for man’s atrocities, yet wouldn’t dream of imprisoning a mother for her son’s crimes?”   Criss Jami   JRB’s “gun control” speech of yesterday:   Flat, monotonic, robotic, mostly whispered!   JRB’s […]

Colt and FN

22 June 21   “No generalization is worth a damn, including that one”   Justice OW Holmes   At the beginning of the 1900s, both Colt in the USA and FN in Belgium had an association with prolific American gun-designer, John M Browning (who died in 1926), and both produced pistols that look very much […]

Reising Gun

21 June 21   “Cucumbers get more ‘pickled’ than brine gets ‘cucumbered’”   Design Engineer’s Proverb   The Reising Gun:   USMC had a paratroop unit during WWII, but it never jumped anywhere!   However, it was that unit that demanded an SMG (submachine gun) as well as the Johnson Rifle, as the Johnson’s barrel […]


17 June 21   “‘Anarcho-tyranny’ is a concept, where the state is more interested in controlling citizens, so that citizens do not oppose the overbearing political class (tyranny), rather than controlling real criminals (which might bring about peace and prosperity, and worst of all, dignity).   ‘Laws’ are therefore enforced only selectively, depending on what […]

Skewed view of “Freedom”

15 June 21   Perspective, from a friend in CA:   “The irony is represented by California’s pro-criminal Democrats’ skewed view of ‘freedom:’   1. Petty theft is now de-facto ‘legal’ in CA. Shop-lifters are never arrested, nor charged. Steal whatever you want. It’s ‘legal!’   2. Defecating and urinating in public is also de-facto […]

“Malicious Accuracy”

14 June 21   “When ‘feeling’ is the gauge, you can snap your fingers at logic, and when your logic is weak that is very agreeable.”   W Somerset Maugham, in his treatise “Of Human Bondage”   Curious Reasoning:   “Malicious accuracy” has apparently suddenly become a grave safety issue!   The off-again/on-again issue of […]

Things are looking up!

8 June 21   “You probably have some habit or practice that I would find disgusting. When your actions do not affect me, I will leave you in peace, especially when I know as little about the subject as you obviously do about firearms.   I ask of you the same courtesy.   I have […]

“Non-Violent” 911 Calls?

4 June 21   “Non-Violent” 911 calls?   Pro-criminal Democrats are now introducing (federal level) legislation to “incentivize” local communities to dispatch anyone, except police, to frantic 911 calls. Democrats are doing everything possible to keep their precious violent criminals from getting hurt!   Simultaneously, these neo-Marxists couldn’t care less about good and decent citizens, […]


1 June 21   The UN “Human Rights Committee” has decided to establish a permanent commission devoted to studying and criticizing Israel’s “Crimes Against Humanity.” For starters, they’ve declared Israel’s military response to Hamas’ recent precipitous rocket attack as “disproportional.”   Curiously, they never get around to describing exactly what a “proportional response” might look […]