Monthly Archives: June 2021

Things are looking up!

8 June 21   “You probably have some habit or practice that I would find disgusting. When your actions do not affect me, I will leave you in peace, especially when I know as little about the subject as you obviously do about firearms.   I ask of you the same courtesy.   I have […]

“Non-Violent” 911 Calls?

4 June 21   “Non-Violent” 911 calls?   Pro-criminal Democrats are now introducing (federal level) legislation to “incentivize” local communities to dispatch anyone, except police, to frantic 911 calls. Democrats are doing everything possible to keep their precious violent criminals from getting hurt!   Simultaneously, these neo-Marxists couldn’t care less about good and decent citizens, […]


1 June 21   The UN “Human Rights Committee” has decided to establish a permanent commission devoted to studying and criticizing Israel’s “Crimes Against Humanity.” For starters, they’ve declared Israel’s military response to Hamas’ recent precipitous rocket attack as “disproportional.”   Curiously, they never get around to describing exactly what a “proportional response” might look […]