29 June 21
No protection!
Last Friday, in Wuerzburg, Germany, a man of Somali origin nonchalantly walked into a department store and asked to look at knives.
He then casually selected one and immediately stabbed three women, while AA shouting. All three died at the scene!
Several others were subsequently attacked, mostly women.
Patrons surrounded the attacker and held him at bay until police arrived.
Upon arrival, police shot the suspect (non-fatally) and then made the arrest.
The single Somali suspect had been allowed into Germany in 2015 on “temporary asylum.”
Since his arrival, he had been completely non-productive, non-employed, and lived on handouts in various shelters. He had several contacts with police, had even undergone “psychiatric evaluations,” but in every case had been cut-loose almost immediately.
Local authorities now say they are “looking at the possibility of the man having been radicalized as an Islamic extremist.”
Ya think?
Of course, all victims of this vicious murderer were unarmed (by government edict) and unable to protect themselves.
These incidents in the UK and Western Europe are so common now that they’re seldom even reported in the Western Press. Yet, I’m sure some Germans still naively believe their government “protects” them from murderous ideologues like this one.
The truth is that government officials there, as well as here, are interested mostly in protecting themselves.
They are provided (at our expense) with heavily-armed bodyguards for that very purpose.
Yet, these same officials piously tell the rest of us (who can’t afford bodyguards) that we should never dream of protecting ourselves in any effective way, because that would be “taking the law into our own hands.”
In other words, their lives are important. Ours are expendable.
It’s the same all over!
“‘Safety’ is a fence, and fences are for sheep.”
Karen Marie Moning