8 June 21
“You probably have some habit or practice that I would find disgusting. When your actions do not affect me, I will leave you in peace, especially when I know as little about the subject as you obviously do about firearms.
I ask of you the same courtesy.
I have owned and born firearms my entire life. I neither owe, nor offer, an apology. In addition, I resent being beaten with the same stick as with real criminals should be beaten, and are not.”
A Federal Judge, in a marvelously-written opinion, recently struck-down an ill-conceived CA law banning private ownership of certain, but perpetually ill-defined, firearms.
He said, in effect:
“This law is not only obviously unconstitutional, it is stupid! It has never reduced violent crime, but it has made good and decent citizens less safe and less free”
Gun-bans always do, and that is, of course, without fail what they’re designed and intended to do, because who propose them are, without fail, less than honorable!
Such unconstitutional legislative attacks on canonical American individual rights and freedoms is thus always the exclusive province of tyrant wanna-bes (leftists), supported exclusively by VBCs (victims, by choice).
Leftist tyrants delude themselves by unconvincingly insisting they’re really “good people,” and that their motives are “pure.”
We distrust both them and their motives, and should!
Leftist politicians don’t seek legislative gun-bans in order to protect us from criminals. They seek gun-bans in order to protect themselves from us!
This fantastic court decision may be appealed by egotistical CA Democrats and go all the way to the Supreme Court, but it may not!
Judge Benitez’s opinion is so eloquent, so incontrovertible, so unassailable that Democrat politicians in CA, at least the few who can see past their own self-righteous vanity, may well conclude that it is in their best interests not to stir-up this issue any further!
Americans, even in CA, are finally waking-up!
“A gentleman will not insult me, and no man not a gentleman, can insult me.”
Frederick Douglass