1 June 21
The UN “Human Rights Committee” has decided to establish a permanent commission devoted to studying and criticizing Israel’s “Crimes Against Humanity.” For starters, they’ve declared Israel’s military response to Hamas’ recent precipitous rocket attack as “disproportional.”
Curiously, they never get around to describing exactly what a “proportional response” might look like. Perhaps if Israel, in response, had fired, at random, 4k unguided rockets back into civilian areas of Gaza, that would make the UN happy!
This is the same UN that conveniently ignores innumerable human rights violations by Hamas, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Turkey, et al
During the just-ended (temporarily) eleven-day fighting between Israel and Hamas, Hamas’ failed rockets that never even reached Israel, but instead fell-back into Gaza and exploded, killed more non-combatants than did Israel’s entire air campaign!
You won’t see that reported by CNN!
Israel conducted the most precise, sterile air-attacks in history, exclusively targeting specific buildings and other properties Hamas occupied and used for military purposes. Even then, these surgical attacks were carried-out only after multiple warnings to non-combatants to get away from each targeted site.
There is obviously nothing Israel can to that will ever get them “liked” by the UN, nor other craven enemies that surround them!
However, a little respect goes a long way, as we see!
“Our respect for ourselves guides our morals.
Our neighbor’s respect for us guides their manners!”
Frontier Axiom