14 June 21
“When ‘feeling’ is the gauge, you can snap your fingers at logic, and when your logic is weak that is very agreeable.”
W Somerset Maugham, in his treatise “Of Human Bondage”
Curious Reasoning:
“Malicious accuracy” has apparently suddenly become a grave safety issue!
The off-again/on-again issue of pistols equipped with arm-braces has altogether consumed some up the food-chain at ATF for at least the past decade.
Now, under pressure from the JRB Administration, it’s “on-again!”
These devices are designed to brace the pistol against the shooter’s arm, and arrangement that enhances accuracy.
Proponents of new restrictions are now arguing (with a straight face) that:
“Increased accuracy makes the firearm more lethal!”
So, now accuracy has apparently become a dangerously injurious aspect of pistols. It logically follows that inaccurate pistols are “safer” than accurate ones, and we American gun-owners obviously need to be protected from “too much accuracy!”
One might counter that increased accuracy actually represents a safety enhancement, since unintended hits are thus rendered less likely. However, that point of view will, of course, never see the light of day!
To Marxists, there are simply never enough restrictions on our personal freedom and liberty.
“Nibbling away” on our freedoms as Americans thus literally consumes them, as we see!
Meanwhile, frightened denizens of America’s rotting, crime-ridden metro areas continue to hoard guns and ammunition. Morbid fear of “too much accuracy” apparently does not concern them!