15 June 21
Perspective, from a friend in CA:
“The irony is represented by California’s pro-criminal Democrats’ skewed view of ‘freedom:’
1. Petty theft is now de-facto ‘legal’ in CA. Shop-lifters are never arrested, nor charged. Steal whatever you want. It’s ‘legal!’
2. Defecating and urinating in public is also de-facto ‘legal.’ Do it in the open on any street, sidewalk, lawn. Despite obvious health issues, restrooms are no longer necessary. Again, no one is ever arrested, nor charged. Such nauseating behavior is now ‘protected’
3. However, private property enjoys no protection. It is now a ‘relative concept’ in CA. Set-up a ragged tent on the side of freeways, in front of businesses, on lawns. Police can be called, but they won’t force these sordid, unsanitary ‘homestead camps’ to move, and of course, no one is ever arrested. Police just go their way, leaving everything as it is, after sometimes issuing a meaningless citation.
4. Violently harass and threaten innocent diners in restaurants. Set-up roadblocks on public streets. Participate in destructive riots. Loot/vandalize businesses. Don’t worry! Any charges, which are unlikely to begin with, will be quickly dismissed. All who object, or even so much as voice concern, are ‘racists.’
So, CA is awash with all these new ‘freedoms’
But, when it comes to effectively defending yourself from violent criminals, the State, in its infinite wisdom, sees fit to keep you a slave!
In CA, you thus have two choices, and only two:
Be a
1. Perpetual helpless victim, or
2. A sleazy criminal.
The State allows no other!”
Democrat/Marxists want no other. Hard to believe there are some who still don’t “get it!”
“In nature, there are no ‘rewards,’ nor ‘punishments.’
There are only ‘consequences!'”
Capitalist Proverb