24 June 21
“Most don’t know what they believe. They only know what they wish to believe.
How many blame God for man’s atrocities, yet wouldn’t dream of imprisoning a mother for her son’s crimes?”
Criss Jami
JRB’s “gun control” speech of yesterday:
Flat, monotonic, robotic, mostly whispered!
JRB’s weak delivery is distressing enough, but his continual inability to recall words, his inability to speak clearly and confidently, his slurring and mumbling, squinting, grimacing as if in pain, all garner deep concern!
He can’t speak in complete sentences, but rather abrupt, chopped, unconnected phrases full of hyperbolic, preposterous threats directed at Americans who own guns, FFL dealers, and at our Second Amendment itself.
He rambles incoherently about the “blood of patriots,” “deer wearing kevlar vests,” “F-15 jet fighters,” “ghost guns,” “rogue gun retailers,” “nuclear weapons,” and several other disjointed, irrelevant subjects. He again hilariously refers to the BATFE and the “AFT”
Like all inherently-dishonest, leftist politicians, he never gets specific, never gets to the point!
What, exactly, is he proposing?
We don’t get to know!
There was not one word in JRB’s entire diatribe about “getting tough” on violent criminals who actually commit real crimes!
Not a word about off-the-chart violent crime in America’s Democrat-controlled cities.
Violent criminals, jealously protected by Democrats, continue to rampage with impunity.
That’s exactly the way pro-criminal Democrats want it!
JRB only wants to further harass decent and honest Americans who don’t commit crimes, but do own guns, and whose only “crime” is not voting for him.
“Ne cede malis” (Yield not to misfortune)