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Melvin Johnson’s Rifle

31 Mar 2020 Melvin Johnson’s Rifle Sergie Simonov’s SKS Rifle, first adopted by the Soviets in 1945 (replacing Fedor Tokarev’s short-lived SVT), saw service only until 1952, after which it was superceded by Mikhail Kalashnikov’s AK. However, the SKS continued to see second-tier service in the USSR, and continuing first-tier service in the PRC (China), […]

Wheels coming off in Italy, Spain, et al!

30 Mar 2020 Wheels coming off in Italy, Spain, et al! Public order is unraveling in Italy. As one travels south in Italy, the situation grows worse. Social unrest is leading to widespread rioting, anarchy. Italy’s prolonged “hard lockdown” has made many Italians profoundly frightened, fearing for their lives! Italy, a developed, first-world Western European […]

Our Local Gun Range to Remain Open!

29 Mar 2020 Our Local Gun Range to Remain Open! I’ve run many local training courses at our local outdoor range complex, Great Guns Range, in Nunn, CO (near Ft Collins, CO) Great Guns features trap, skeet, sporting clays, as well as a number of rifle and pistol ranges, out to 300m. Great Guns also […]

‘Known but to God’

28 Mar 2020 “Known but to God” Rudyard Kipling, celebrated British poet, too old to fight in WWI, encouraged his son, Jack, to enlist in the British Army. Jack was killed in the fighting. Badly mangled, his body was never recovered. It was subsequently a bereaved Kipling who coined this cheerless phrase that adorns so […]

When unpreparedness meets opportunity?

26 Mar 2020 When unpreparedness meets opportunity? From a gun-retailer in the Midwest: “Gun ranges, indoor and outdoor, are all closed. We are sold-out of just about everything that shoots. Even cheap junk that I was embarrassed to have on display is all long-gone! Only ammunition remaining are a few boxes in obscure calibers. Side […]

Manual Safeties

24 Mar 2020 Manual Safeties: Manually-operated “safety” levers and buttons were not found on military rifles of the 1800s and early 1900s. Since military doctrine of the era dictated that rifles were not to be fired, absent direct command, they were typically carried with an empty chamber and loaded only just prior to being fired. […]

Situation in NJ, CA!

23 Mar 2020 Situation in NJ, CA! Friends in NJ tell me that the NJSP is still processing “permits-to-purchase,” but state employees in Trenton (NJ State Capitol) who process applications are all at home! As in NY, that “state function” is closed, indefinitely! NJ’s governor yesterday closed-down the state-run NICS system, making NICS approvals unavailable, […]

Tips from a seasoned Operator

22 Mar 2020 Tips from a seasoned Operator: “A note on the short-barreled ARs (SBRs): ARs with barrels shorter than 14″ did indeed have reliability issues, and the H&K 416 ran much better in that set-up, as you noted I was a early adopter, and was issued a 416 in 2006. By 2012, the AR […]

You should not have special fondness for a particular weapon, nor anything else for that matter.

21 Mar 2020 “You should not have special fondness for a particular weapon, nor anything else for that matter. You should have as much weaponry as suits you.” Musashi 1989 Import Ban Since the 1989 Stockton, CA school shooting, and the subsequent panicked “import ban” of certain autoloading rifles (which is still in place) under […]


20 Mar 2020 NY! Yesterday, I spoke with a NYS gun retailer. He indicted that NY’s Pistol Permit Offices are now closed indefinitely, having apparently not been considered an “essential” state function. This is bad news for any current NYS Pistol Permit holder. It means he will not be able to buy a pistol in […]

I don’t think we went blind.

19 Mar 2020 “I don’t think we went blind. I think we are blind Blind people who can see, But do not see.” Saramago Gun Buying! Our “news media” is currently suppressing the news story about Americans in every corner of the Country desperately rushing to gun retailers in an attempt to buy anything that […]

‘Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone’

18 Mar 2020 “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” Pablo Picasso An acquaintance, a professing “liberal,” anxiously asked me yesterday what kind of gun he should buy for home protection. Of course, I told him he had waited way too long, as local gun retailers are currently […]

I just flew to DEN, from CMB

16 Mar 2020 I just flew to DEN, from CMB (Columbus, OH). I was one of twenty-four passengers on the plane! Flying out of DEN last Friday, the plane was full. The situation is changing almost by the minute! All airlines are canceling a high percentage of their flights, maybe all of them by the […]

Our DTI Web page at: is back on-line!

14 Mar 2020 Our DTI Web page at: defense‑ is back on‑line! We’re still tweaking it and adding graphic, but you can go to the 2020 DTI Schedule, identify the Courses(s) you want to attend, and register directly via credit card. I’ll be notified instantly and get right back with you with details. Quips will […]

Corona Virus

12 Mar 2020 Corona Virus Several have asked if any of our 2020 DTI Courses currently listed on the DTI Web Page have been canceled. The answer is no! Our DTI Programs are all outdoors and involve small groups of students. There is no physical contact, so I don’t think attending represents a significant risk […]

First Quip under our New System!

12 Mar 2020 First Quip under our New System! Dear DTI Student, Instructors, and Subscribers Our DTI Web Page, down for the past week, will be back up at the same place: defense‑ no later than Monday, probably sooner. As always, you’ll be able to review our Schedule, select DTI Courses you want to attend, […]

The greatest evil… is done by quiet men in white collars…

11 Mar 2020 “The greatest evil… is done by quiet men in white collars, and cut fingernails, and smooth‑shaven cheeks, who do not need to raise their voices. Hence, my symbol for hell is something like ‘The Bureaucracy.’” CS Lewis Probably the first westerner ever personally to observe the “Lugou Bridge” over the Yongding River […]

From a friend and student:

9 Mar 2020 From a friend and student: “With regard to your last Quip, In India, the ancient and colorful Hindu Festival of “Holi” is currently being celebrated. It is observed by just about everyone in India, not just Hindus. I was born in Zambia in the 1960s. My parents were then recent immigrants from […]

They crush people to earth…

8 Mar 2020 “They crush people to earth, and then claim the right to trample on them forever!” Lydia Child How do I explain it? Contrary to leftist dogma, I don’t carry a concealed pistol in public, because I secretly harbor some surreptitious desire to shoot criminals, any more that I keep a fire extinguisher […]

Over the years

6 Mar 2020 “Over the years, Americans have been all too willing to squander hard‑earned independence and freedom for the illusion of ‘feeling safe’ under someone else’s authority. The concept of self‑sufficiency has been undermined over a scant few generations. The vast majority naively look down their noses upon self‑reliance as some quaint, dusty relic, […]