9 Mar 2020

From a friend and student:

“With regard to your last Quip,

In India, the ancient and colorful Hindu Festival of “Holi” is currently being celebrated. It is observed by just about everyone in India, not just Hindus.

I was born in Zambia in the 1960s. My parents were then recent immigrants from India.

I remember my family faithfully celebrating Holi, even though at the time, we lived in Africa.

It’s only now in my 50s, and living in America, that I can finally, fully appreciate this ancient ritual and the principles of human dignity is symbolizes.

Like so many ancient rituals/celebrations, Holi, it is a metaphor for life and politics.

It commemorates the mythical story about an evil king who insists upon being worshiped as a god. His own son refuses, and is sentenced to death by his father, but he is miraculously saved.

It is thus a celebration of good over evil.

It reaffirms the magnificence and sanctity of human life, and even more, it reaffirms that our sovereign birthright as humans comes, not from the ever-vain ‘ruling elite,’ but directly from our Creator/God himself!

On this side of the world, our Founders also clearly understood the sovereignty of the individual and provided the Constitutional teeth to ensure that citizens are never carelessly regarded as some kind of disposable ‘collective.’

As a naturalized US citizen, you can probably understand why I thus contemptuously resent the way leftist politicians, along with Hollywood comedians and unemployed actors, arrogantly scoff at our Founders, at our very nation, and at the values this civilization has always represented and fearlessly defended!”

Understood, my friend!