23 Mar 2020

Situation in NJ, CA!

Friends in NJ tell me that the NJSP is still processing “permits-to-purchase,” but state employees in Trenton (NJ State Capitol) who process applications are all at home!

As in NY, that “state function” is closed, indefinitely!

NJ’s governor yesterday closed-down the state-run NICS system, making NICS approvals unavailable, but the move was a redundancy, because permits are not being processed anyway.

NJ gun retailers still have a few guns left for sale, but they may as well not be there, because they can’t be legally sold anyway!

Ammunition is unavailable, anywhere in the state.

In CA, first-time gun-buyers, the few who can actually find a gun for sale, are discovering they have to wait ten days before they can take possession.

Some have asked that if they pay extra, can the “waiting period” be waived!

Of course, they are told “No,” in no uncertain terms!

Others have asked if they can “borrow” a gun from a friend. They are informed that “borrowing a gun” is absolutely illegal in CA.

In addition, in CA a NICS check is necessary in order to even buy ammunition, if you can find any for sale!

Accordingly, the unarmed in those states (and most others) will retain that status for the foreseeable future!

At this point, there is little anyone can do to help them!

Those of us who are guilty of better planning and are thus armed, trained, and prepared need to be reminded that federal law, specifically the Post‑Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006, amended in 2019 (passed in the wake of the Katrina disaster in 2005), aka The Stafford Act, protects American gun-owners from having their legally-possessed guns impounded or forcibly “registered.” Nor may authorities prohibit the otherwise legal bearing of arms by citizens.

Of course, leftist politicians and bureaucrats pay no attention to federal law when it doesn’t fit their agenda, so this may be tested before long.

Again, no one really knows where this is all going!

We need to be alert, aware, flexible, and prepared.

We’re in for a bumpy ride!

“How absurd it was that the weakest and most vulnerable, women and girls, went unarmed and were taught nothing of fighting, while the strong were trained to the highest reaches of their skill.”

Kristin Cashore