20 Mar 2020


Yesterday, I spoke with a NYS gun retailer.

He indicted that NY’s Pistol Permit Offices are now closed indefinitely, having apparently not been considered an “essential” state function.

This is bad news for any current NYS Pistol Permit holder. It means he will not be able to buy a pistol in the foreseeable future, even though he is licensed to possess one, because in NYS, each purchase must be approved in advance.

There is currently no one to render such approval, nor will there be any time soon.

In NYS, mere possession of an “unregistered” pistol is a crime!

Most longarms don’t require such pre-approval, but gun retailers throughout NYS are completely sold-out anyway, so it is all moot!

Getting to the point:

1) When you’re not adequately armed right now, there is essentially a zero probability that you’ll be able to legally acquire anything that shoots, likely for the rest of the year, maybe longer!

This is certainly true in restrictive New England states (as we see), slightly less true in some other parts of the Country.

The only other choice is to “borrow” a gun and ammunition from a friend or relative, albeit that is even technically illegal in many states and municipalities.

2) Law enforcement agencies nationwide have significantly scaled-back normal operations.

Arrests are suspended. Investigations are suspended. Traffic enforcement is suspended. Jails are being emptied. Patrol officers are responding to “emergencies only.” Some departments have stopped answering calls!

This will be the case “… for the duration!”

When you call, help may be “on the way,” or it may not. Whatever the issue is, you may have to handle it yourself!

Who naively believe that their personal safety can be effectively “managed” by others, is a fool!

3) “Lock-down” orders at the state (CA, NY, IL) or local level may be well-intentioned, but are essentially unenforceable.

Riots, looting, anarchy, particularly in inner-city areas, are all likely. Police response may be weak, or nonexistent.

4) Democrats in Washington are already drafting suffocating anti-gun legislation, designed as always, to disarm only those who don’t vote for them.

They are trying to take disgusting advantage of this national crisis.

Is anyone surprised?

5) Who vote for a politician who is, at all times, surrounded by a heavily-armed cadre of stone-faced bodyguards, yet tells citizens they shouldn’t have guns, is an idiot!

We are now seeing the results!

No one knows where this is going. All predictions, at this point, are little more than wild speculation!

We’re on our own!

“… tomorrow was made for some

Tomorrow may never come,

… for all we know”

From “For All We know”, written in 1970 by Fred Karlin for the feature film “Lovers and Other Strangers.” Best rendition was Welch singer, Shirley Bassey’s in 1971. Shirley Bassey was most famous for her rendition of “Goldfinger,” from the James Bond film, of the same title, in 1964