30 Mar 2020

Wheels coming off in Italy, Spain, et al!

Public order is unraveling in Italy. As one travels south in Italy, the situation grows worse. Social unrest is leading to widespread rioting, anarchy. Italy’s prolonged “hard lockdown” has made many Italians profoundly frightened, fearing for their lives!

Italy, a developed, first-world Western European nation, shows us what we may see in the USA, particularly in NYC, New Orleans, and other geographic pockets where the infection rate is high, where police departments are all but crippled, and where jails are being emptied.

Wealthy NYC residents, like their Europeans counterparts, are desperately fleeing to rural areas, where they receive no warm welcome!

While newly-armed (and profoundly embarrassed) professing “liberals,” cynically rationalize being gun-owners, even possessing “weapons of war,” Democrat politicians they slavishly vote for continue to press for forced disarmament of America’s productive and law-abiding citizenry, while at the same time illegally importing, empowering, propping-up, and weaponizing their ever-dependent, non‑productive, criminal underclass, much as does their darling confederate, Maduro, in Venezuela.

The socialist agenda never changes!

Burdensome gun restrictions in CA, CT, MA, MD, NJ, NY, IL, WA, OR, RI are being incrementally, contemptuously ignored by angry, frightened citizens who rightfully fear that their desperate calls for police response will be unanswered. Good citizens are thus arming themselves, illegally when that is the only way.

Meanwhile, economic consequences of this pandemic will be profound.

Deficit spending soaring. Tax revenue plummeting.

In the end, politicians will be sorely tempted to fire-up the printing presses, and “inflate our way to prosperity!”

That will work about as well as it did in Germany in the 1930s!