8 Mar 2020

“They crush people to earth, and then claim the right to trample on them forever!”

Lydia Child

How do I explain it?

Contrary to leftist dogma, I don’t carry a concealed pistol in public, because I secretly harbor some surreptitious desire to shoot criminals, any more that I keep a fire extinguisher in my home and vehicle, because I harbor some consuming desire to put-out fires!

I consider these practices, both involving sensible emergency/safety equipment, to represent reasonable and prudent precautions, ones we all sincerely hope never become necessary.

Anyone even vaguely familiar with what we all laughingly call our “Justice System” knows and understands the legal, financial, and emotional trauma that invariably attends any shooting incident, regardless of participants, circumstances, nor outcome. It is the last thing any rational person, including me, ever wants to become involved in!

Yet, I carry a concealed pistol, so that I can place absolute limits on what people can do to me and those in my charge!

So that I can say “No,” and have that single syllable represent more that just platitudinous rhetoric, more than just a “feel-good” cliche!

As a sovereign American Citizen, I can say, “No,” and be in a position to personally, instantly enforce it, with lethal finality, upon my own summary command and judgment!

Few other civilizations trust citizens with such personal authority!

That is because in most nations, even most Western nations, the term “citizen” is little more than a cynical euphemism! Most “citizens,” even in the West, are actually “subjects.” Subjects who have no rights, and who may enjoy only those precious few “privileges” casually bestowed upon them by the ruling elite, privileges that can be granted, or withdrawn, at a whim!

Not surprisingly, such “subjects” are routinely, arbitrarily crushed to earth and trampled upon by criminals, criminals from both the public and private sectors!

Not here!

In this Republic, a “Bill of Privileges” is found nowhere in our Constitution!

Here, we sovereign citizens have rights, and our rights are not benignantly dribbled-out to us by arrogant politicians. We are endowed with them by our Creator! Our Founding Documents say so, in unmistakable terms!

So here, self-defense is a right of every citizen. And, not just with fences, locks, alarms, warning signs, and clever rhetoric.

Our personal right of self-defense extends to lethal force!

This right has teeth, and without it, the rest are delusory!

Accordingly, this right must ever be protected from sleazy neo-Marxists who, occasionally peering-out from behind their ecumenical cadre of heavily-armed bodyguards, profess to worry about us mere citizens having “too much freedom!”