19 Mar 2020

“I don’t think we went blind.

I think we are blind

Blind people who can see,

But do not see.”


Gun Buying!

Our “news media” is currently suppressing the news story about Americans in every corner of the Country desperately rushing to gun retailers in an attempt to buy anything that shoots, along with ammunition that will fit into it.

Gun stores are sold-out of both guns and ammunition.

Most such panic-buyers have not been gun-owners, up until now.

As expected, NICS is acutely constipated, and “instant approval” of retail gun sales is a distant memory. Most who can even find a gun that is for sale must come back days, maybe weeks, later to actually take possession.

The media is resisting reporting all this, because they grievously don’t want it to be true!

For decades, they’ve promulgated the false narrative, spoon-fed to them by the DNC, that Americans really don’t like guns, don’t want them, don’t care about our Second Amendment, so we can just repeal it, and no one will care.

That is the sleazy lie they’ve always dearly wanted us to believe, and now Americans are proving them wrong!

So reverting to type, they’re lapsing into denial and cover-up.

Amnesia is next!

Big-city police executives are pseudo-sanctimoniously urging new gun-owners to make their guns “inaccessible.” I can only wonder why anyone would want an “inaccessible gun.” Of course, none of these self-righteous police executives take their own advice, nor do their officers! They know and understand (but will never say out loud) that, as Jeff Cooper reminded us, a gun that is “perfectly safe” is “perfectly useless.”

Unhappily, precious few of these new owners will seek-out competent training, because in order to do so, they will have to honestly confront their own arrogant hypocrisy. They will have to admit to themselves that they’ve been wrong.

In other words, they will have to sincerely repent of their leftist folly.

And for most professing “liberals,” honest repentance is unimaginable. It’s just not in their DNA!

So, we can now expect a rash of UDs when any of these untrained (by choice) gun-owners gets a gun in his hands!

“To crooked eyes, truth may wear a wry face”