Monthly Archives: March 2020

“Heaven strictly enforces its immigration laws, Hell has “open borders!”

5 Mar 2020 “Heaven strictly enforces its immigration laws Hell has ‘open borders!’” Sherrick Sometimes, the mask slips! Marxists (masquerading as “Democrats”) characteristically soft-sell their socialist agenda, trying to maintain at least a pretense of respectability. Openly advocating for violence against political opponents is usually saved for the “later stages.” But, Chuck Schumer let his […]

Travel Armor

4 Mar 2020 I am honored and humbled that I have so many wonderful friends who came forth and volunteered to assist me with my DTI Web Page issues. Thanks to all who responded so generously. I really appreciate it. I’ll advise on our progress! In the interim, you may recall Travel Armor, the company […]

Web Page Assistance?

3 Mar 2020 Web Page Assistance? I need professional help with our DTI Web Page! It was recently compromised, so I had to pull it down. Right now, at you’ll find our 2020 Training Schedule posted, so you can select the Course you want to attend with us and then get back with me […]

Steiner, IO, Century arms

2 Mar 2020 Steiner, IO, Century arms At a DTI Urban Rifle Course last weekend in TX, I used my copy of Inter-Ordinance’s M4, with Steiner’s P4Xi 1×4 tactical rifle optic. The P4Xi features a conventional etched reticle, combined with a red dot, which is intensity-adjustable. This combination makes an excellent SRO Rifle, with just […]