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Heads up!

29 May 18 “Let us not allow glitziness, superciliousness, and mumbo-jumbo to slither into our thinking and our actions.” Pevernagie Yesterday in Liege, Belgium, yet another knife-wielding, AA-shouting Islamic terrorist attacked two uniformed female police officers. After stabbing both, he took the service pistol from one and then shot both. Using the same pistol, he […]

Correction to Last Quip

27 May 18 This is a correction/update to my last Quip about the FS 308 Rifle. I mentioned the Vector 1×8 Strike Eagle Optic. I meant to say the VORTEX 1×8 Strike Eagle Optic. I also neglected to mention that the FS 308 (POF Revolution) also comes with a Law Tactical Folding Stock. It makes […]

FS 308 Update!

27 May 18 FS 308 Update: I’m currently in the process of testing the first copy of the Farnam Signature 308 Operator Rifle in 7.62×51 caliber. This first iteration of the FS308 is built on the excellent POF Revolution Rifle. All internals are NP3-coated. The next version will be built on the Robinson Arms XCR/M. […]

Hero in OK!

25 May 18 “Why has the Democrat Party become so detached from ordinary Americans? Though they arrogantly claim to speak for the poor and dispossessed, Democrats have increasingly become the party of self-important snobs, top-heavy with journalists, academics, and lawyers.” Paglia Yesterday, a bold, competent and armed “ordinary” American citizen in OK fatally shot a […]

Will “Rules and Regulations” Save Us?

23 May 18 “America will collapse financially, chasing unceasing rules and regulations designed to save defenseless citizens from harm.” Bin Laden As a panicked and short-sighted nation, we’re hurriedly composing endless reams of new, confusing, and hopelessly inconvenient “rules” with regard to school security, most of it “theater” and little else Endless billions of taxpayer […]

Brits on the Brink!

17 May 18 From a friend currently visiting New Zealand: “There’s still a strong ‘Warrior Heritage’ here in New Zealand! Not only via ancient Maori traditions, but also more recent contributions during WWI battles, particularly the Gallipoli Invasion. Lots of war memorials and symbols here. I am told everyone on the Island during those years […]

Afraid of the Light!

15 May 18 Our less-than-honest, liberal media, and “Weasel Words” Hamas has never been shy about articulating its intentions, in plain English! Unlike North Koreans and Iranians, who insist they have only honorable intentions, but have just been “misunderstood,” Hamas has no compunction about plainly stating that they fully intend to murder every Israeli, and […]

Dtiquips Who Dare…

John, It also appeared that the way she moved cleared the area behind the suspect from all innocents. Not until he went down did she move to cover. It was evident that she had seen the elephant before. Mike On 5/14/2018 8:55 PM, John Farnam’s Quips mailing list wrote: > 14 May 18 > > […]

Who Dare…

14 May 18 “Who Dare, Win!” David Stirling, founder of the SAS. The motto has since been adopted by numerous high-speed military units. In a widely-circulated video (surveillance, apparently inadvertent) of a Mothers’ Day attempted armed robbery on a street somewhere in Brazil, occurring yesterday, we see a single, pistol-wielding, male suspect approach a group […]


9 May 18 Gun-free Utopia? From a friend in the UK: “Gunfire in London is no longer uncommon, even though guns are technically ‘illegal’ here! Knife attacks are also a plague, and ever associated with deadly gang warfare. Most gangs here are composed of immigrants, almost all illegal, and they’re constantly engaged in lethal territorial […]

Unintended Consequences

8 May 18 More “Unintended Consequences!” This from an attorney friend and colleague in WI: “I am in the process of reviewing title-work in order to insure the purchase of commercial property for one of our clients. I ran into this ‘exception clause.’ It is new! I’ve never seen it before: ‘Notice: Please be aware […]

More “Theater”

7 May 18 Security Theater: From a friend in MA: “I recently attended an indoor concert in Boston. Like you, I don’t like crowds, but I made an exception in this case. Music was canonical and conservative, and the admission price was hefty, so I calculated that attendees would be mostly middle-aged and well-behaved. Right […]

“Learned” Fools

6 May 18 “Unprepared, and apparently proud of it!” “When a coyote attacked a young girl recently on a childrens’ playground in snobby, affluent, gun-free Westchester County, located northwest of NYC, all adults present were of course, weaponless and otherwise unprepared, including an off-duty police officer who was NOT carrying concealed. The unarmed, off duty-officer […]

2018 NRA Show, Dallas, TX

5 May 18 2018 NRA Show, Dallas, TX, Second Day Today, I did see a single, scraggly protestor, carrying a sign depicting an poorly-drawn AR with a red line through. He was tottering back and forth. No one paid any attention to him! I saw a number of black men attending the Show and wearing […]

NRA Show 2018

4 May 18 NRA Show, Dallas, TX, 2018 Today was the first day of the 2018 NRA Show in Dallas, TX Show is well attended. A few attendees are openly armed. Many, like me, carry concealed! Contrary to predictions, I didn’t see protester one! If there were some, they may have been herded in the […]

“Crazy” People!

3 May 18 Implications of “mental-health purges,” from a friend in a position to know: “In the former Soviet Union, this was commonly known amongst the general population as ‘going crazy.’ Many a Russian thus suddenly ‘went crazy,’ was then visited by the KGB, and subsequently disappeared for prolonged periods. Most were never seen again! […]

Just One Life?

2 May 18 “… if it saves just one life” In Colorado, the recently-introduced “Extreme Risk Protection Act” is currently being debated in Denver. This legislation will empower any judge, on the flimsiest of pretexts, to order the indefinite forcible seizure of every one of an individual citizen’s guns, when the judge decides the citizen […]