27 May 18

FS 308 Update:

I’m currently in the process of testing the first copy of the Farnam Signature 308 Operator Rifle in 7.62×51 caliber.

This first iteration of the FS308 is built on the excellent POF Revolution Rifle. All internals are NP3-coated.

The next version will be built on the Robinson Arms XCR/M. Others will follow, based on the PTR/91, DSA SA58, and SA M1A SOCOM.

The RA/XCR/M version will be built and ready for testing this fall!

The POF Revolution version is equipped with a Bushnell 1×8 SMRS, just introduced by Bushnell. In fact, I have one of the first copies! The Vector 1×8 Strike Eagle is similar and also very acceptable.

Perfect for this rifle!

In addition, the rifle has LaRue offset BUIS, to which one can transition instantly.

A co-axial Powertac E9 flashlight (1020 lumens) is forward-mounted on the left side of the forend.

A BFG Two-Point Sling, and a “Sneaky Bag” low-profile transport case completes the package!

It comes to you test-fired and sighted-in at 40/200 (both optic and BUIS).

It is immediately ready of duty!

In any event, I’m using it now, and it is wonderful. I’ve been running it with both Magpul and Lancer 20-round

magazines. Both run well. Both are very acceptable.

When you show-up with this rifle, you’re king-of-the-hill, as you’ll have range and penetration capabilities

unavailable to those using 223 rifles!

I’ll keep everyone updated!