25 May 18

“Why has the Democrat Party become so detached from ordinary Americans?

Though they arrogantly claim to speak for the poor and dispossessed, Democrats have increasingly become the party of self-important snobs, top-heavy with journalists, academics, and lawyers.”


Yesterday, a bold, competent and armed “ordinary” American citizen in OK fatally shot a terrorist who was in the process of shooting-up a local restaurant.

Our hero was in possession of a state-issued CCW Permit and was thus legally armed, albeit concealed.

The suspect entered the restaurant and precipitously started shooting (pistol). Several were hurt, though none fatally. A mother and her twelve-year-old daughter were among the injured. It is not clear if the mother and daughter were specifically targeted, or just randomly selected.

In any event, our armed citizen subsequently produced his own pistol and successfully engaged the suspect.

Suspect was DRT. No other fatalities. Armed citizen was uninjured, and no one (aside from the suspect) was struck by his bullet(s).

This is exactly the kind of event our liberal media doesn’t want to report!

They ignore these stories when they can, because this is an outcome they don’t want to happen.

Media liberals would much rather the event turn into a pitiable massacre of the unarmed and defenseless, so they can continue to self-righteously editorialize against our Second Amendment.

Armed American citizens acting boldly, under their own summary command and judgment, to save innocent lives is directly opposed by our media’s brittle, leftist, “enforced helplessness” agenda.

A courageous armed citizen, not waiting for “permission,” but positively acting under his own authority to protect the innocent, is thus unthinkable anathema to liberals!

Competent, magnificent, and armed Americans are proving them wrong, one event at a time, as we see!

“Clear thinking has always been the pathway to personal success.

“In their perpetual quest to flatten natural social hierarchy (necessary to impose their Marxist model of ‘enforced mediocrity’), liberals thus instinctively attack anyone espousing clear, logical thought.”