6 May 18

“Unprepared, and apparently proud of it!”

“When a coyote attacked a young girl recently on a childrens’ playground in snobby, affluent, gun-free Westchester County, located northwest of NYC, all adults present were of course, weaponless and otherwise unprepared, including an off-duty police officer who was NOT carrying concealed.

The unarmed, off duty-officer physically wrestled with the coyote on the ground for five minutes, getting bitten more than once, until armed police officers finally arrived and shot the animal.

This county has dealt with a recent flood of aggressive coyote complaints. The animals there are assertive, and why not? The more they are around humans, and nothing negative happens to them, the more they’re going to regard people, particularly small ones, as lunch!

Liberals’ predictable visceral aversion to firearms, and to hunting, makes their gun-free, upscale suburb an ideal place for coyotes to take-up residence. Lots of dogs, cats, children, etc available to eat- all of them slow, fat, naif, soft, and tasty!

And, virtually no risk!

The dead coyote in question was a well-developed, well-fed, healthy, large adult, with a lush fur coat. There is no sign the animal was rabid.

He was just hungry!

Once again, liberals believe that “moral superiority” ever attaches to personal unpreparedness and willing victimhood

When they find themselves dupes of their own naivety, they predictably bleat, “This is so unfair!”

Usually their “famous last words!”

“A learned fool is more a fool than an ignorant fool.”