It also appeared that the way she moved cleared the area behind the suspect from all innocents. Not until he went down did she move to cover. It was evident that she had seen the elephant before.


On 5/14/2018 8:55 PM, John Farnam’s Quips mailing list wrote: > 14 May 18
> > “Who Dare, Win!”
> > David Stirling, founder of the SAS. The motto has since been adopted by numerous high-speed military units.
> > In a widely-circulated video (surveillance, apparently inadvertent) of a Mothers’ Day attempted armed robbery on a street somewhere in Brazil, occurring yesterday, we see a single, pistol-wielding, male suspect approach a group of women and children standing on a sidewalk, in an apparent robbery, maybe kidnapping, attempt. > It could have been either.
> > It happens fast, and we see women frantically trying to pull their children away!
> > Among the women present was a police officer, not in uniform. She carried a pistol in a handbag (brand of handbag unknown). Her pistol was an autoloader, but brand and caliber are unknown.
> > Realizing what was happening, she courageously pushes past several children, while simultaneously presenting her pistol. The instant her muzzle points at the suspect’s chest, she fires. > > She displays absolutely no hesitation!
> > Range was just a few inches!
> > She fired at least one round. She could have fired two, maybe even three, in rapid succession. > Hard to tell from the video.
> > In any event, the astonished suspect, hit square in the chest, falls backward on his fanny, dropping his pistol in the process. From his facial expression, it is obvious he is considerable pain!
> > While on the pavement, he puts up his hands in agonized submission. His will to fight was utterly destroyed!
> > The officer, not squandering a moment, immediately takes cover behind a car as she continues to cover the downed suspect. > > She then kicks-away, subsequently recovering, the suspect’s pistol. > > Fate of the suspect is unknown.
> > From the video, it appears no one else was harmed.
> > The competent and audacious female officer was reported to be a mother herself. Whether or not any of her own children were present is unknown.
> > It is not often we get to see, in detail, real gunfights, played-out in real time. And of course, we have to be careful not to draw sweeping conclusions from a single incident. > > However, there are lessons we can, at least, reconfirm:
> > 1) You must train yourself to be competent with your equipment, but even more so, to take the initiative and then spin your OODA-Loop faster than your opponent!
> > This officer’s movements were swift, smooth, and absolutely decisive. As noted above, there was not a hint of hesitation. She had obviously trained extensively for this moment, and she prevailed magnificently!
> > You may be killed when you take decisive action. You may likewise be killed when you do nothing! Either way, dithering is always toxic! Indecision and delay will prove fatal. > > So:
> >> Size-up the situation quickly
>> Make a plan
>> Hit the “go” button
>> Don’t look back!
> > 2) Don’t relax too soon!
> > You don’t get to declare when the fight is “over,” and danger subsided. Always follow-up. Always stay alert. Always finish the fight!
> > 3) Carrying defensive pistols in handbags represents a viable method for “going armed.”
> > I know instructors who don’t consider “off-body carry” to be legitimate. But for many (and not just women), off-body carry not only represents a viable option. It represents the only option!
> > One must practice, of course, but this woman expertly demonstrated just how handy, effective, and accessible this carry-method can be.
> > “The percentage of mistakes in quick decisions is no greater than that from long, drawn-out vacillations, and the effect of decisiveness itself is, without fail, to make things go your way” > > Anne McCormick
> > /John
> >
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