29 May 18

“Let us not allow glitziness, superciliousness, and mumbo-jumbo to slither into our thinking and our actions.”


Yesterday in Liege, Belgium, yet another knife-wielding, AA-shouting Islamic terrorist attacked two uniformed female police officers.

After stabbing both, he took the service pistol from one and then shot both.

Using the same pistol, he then shot a man sitting in a nearby car.

Both police officers, and the man in the car, died as a result.

The terrorist then walked to a school in the vicinity, took a woman hostage, and was subsequently shot to death by responding police. The woman hostage was apparently unharmed.

No other causalities at the school (which was evacuated).

Suspect was a low-level loser and petty thief, fresh out of prison on a “temporary release!”

Belgium currently has the dubious status as a hotbed of Islamic “evangelism,” much of it centered in prisons. Many Islamic terrorists responsible for other recent attacks on Western interests in Belgium and France call Belgium home!

Comment: As we see, innocent citizens, and police officers too, are the continual victims of dishonorable, discredited, invariably leftist European politicians, anxious to suck-up to Islamic voters and simultaneously be seen as oh-so “progressive” by the leftist media.

Since the media, and most politicians, obviously have scant regard for our safety, we citizens, including police officers, had better be all the more personally alert and watchful!

We must never rely on the myth of “institutional security,” which is, as I’ve pointed out many times, mostly just vacuous “theater.”

Become intimately familiar with, and learn how to use, personal defensive weapons.

Keep your head up!

Never deceive yourself into thinking you’re too insignificant to become a target!

All of us are but one bullet, or one knife’s edge, away from becoming abruptly DRT, without any advanced warning, nor time to prepare!