23 May 18

“America will collapse financially, chasing unceasing rules and regulations designed to save defenseless citizens from harm.”

Bin Laden

As a panicked and short-sighted nation, we’re hurriedly composing endless reams of new, confusing, and hopelessly inconvenient “rules” with regard to school security, most of it “theater” and little else

Endless billions of taxpayer dollars are being desperately, haphazardly thrown at this issue.

More cameras and monitors (that no one is watching), more restrictions on entry and exit, more delays, more confusion, more inconvenience, etc

But wait!

How do we similarly “protect” buses, sports stadiums, playgrounds, day-care centers, parking lots, movie theaters, cruise ships, et al?

With all this growing, high-tech “security” (which is mostly wishful thinking), is anyone really any “safer” than before?

Look at the UK, where cameras have been installed on virtually every single street corner in the entire country, yet where violent crime is at an all-time high, and getting worse by the day!

Bin Laden made a watertight argument!

What will work without fail, and the only strategy that has any chance of working, is:

“Individual Security”

Teachers and school officials need to go armed. Citizens need to go armed. “Security” needs to be thought of as an intensely, exclusively personal issue.

The entire false, failed philosophy of “Learned Helplessness,” endlessly promoted by leftists, needs to be majestically, audaciously thrown in the trash!

“Institutional Security” is a contraction of terms!

Personal, individual responsibility will save this civilization. Individual citizens boldly claiming their own

That will save us.

Nothing else will!