5 May 18

2018 NRA Show, Dallas, TX, Second Day

Today, I did see a single, scraggly protestor, carrying a sign depicting an poorly-drawn AR with a red line through. He was tottering back and forth. No one paid any attention to him!

I saw a number of black men attending the Show and wearing T-shirts that said:

“Black Guns Matter”

I waived approvingly to all of them. They all smiled and waived back!

Makers of silencers tell me that police-department business has picked-up lately due to several class-action lawsuits accusing department administrations of disregard of progressive healing loss suffered by officers, due to exposure to gunfire during training, particularly on indoor ranges.

Silenced ARs represent a solution many departments have selected!

Honor Defense is a maker of single-column, Glock-like, 9mm pistols. They have been around for a number of years now, and I have shot them several times during SHOT Show Range Day. They are modular, like the SIG 320, and designed for the serious use. I think they deserve consideration by Operators!

The model you want is the HG9CLE. I’m testing a copy now!

Emerson, along with Cold Steel, tops the list of serious knife-makers. Ernie Emerson, like Lynn Thompson, is a stand-up guy! The Emerson model I recommend for daily carry is the CQL7

Many in the ammunition industry are persuaded that “scalloped” all-copper bullets, called “Extreme Defense” by Underwood (“Honey Badger” by Black Hills) are inherently superior in terminal performance to traditional “cup-and-core” hollowpoints, and even all-copper hollowpoints.

I’m not yet ready to jump on that bandwagon, but Underwood has been kind enough to provide me with some for testing.

Tomorrow, the NRA show will be over for another year.

It is worth attending!