4 May 18

NRA Show, Dallas, TX, 2018

Today was the first day of the 2018 NRA Show in Dallas, TX

Show is well attended. A few attendees are openly armed. Many, like me, carry concealed!

Contrary to predictions, I didn’t see protester one! If there were some, they may have been herded in the direction of City Hall, but there were none anywhere near the Show that I saw.

DJT showed-up as promised, but the show went on as he, and others, were speaking.

Who wanted to hear him in-person had to disarm, of course. That group did not include me! Monitors were available in the vendor area for the rest of us.

In addition to the vendor area (which is huge), there are meeting and seminars going-on continuously. We’re spent out time mostly for the vendor area.

Of note:

Kahr’s P-Series Pistols now come with Tru-Glow sights, standard. It makes a nice package. I’ve been faithfully carrying my Kahr PM45 as a back-up for many years!

PTR, famous for their excellent “Delayed Roller-Lock” rifles in 308 and 7.62×39, now make a 9mm “Pistol” version, called the PTR9C.

Beretta’s G17-sized APX pistol is now available in a G19-sized “Compact” version. Perfect for concealed carry!

Along those same lines, Ruger’s G19-sized “Security 9″ is hard to beat. It actually hammer-fired, although to hammer itself has no spur and is inaccessible. Trigger is excellent! Price is right!

Aimpoint’s latest RDO is the Comp5. Runs on single AAA battery. Smaller than a T1/2. I’ll be using a copy shortly. Aimpoint has their own quick-release mount. Makes a nice RDO!

As an aside, users of the T1/2 and H1/2 can find 2032 batteries inside Hallmark “Talking Greeting Cards,” when “exigent acquisition” becomes necessary!

Comp-Tac, along with their excellent concealment holsters, now makes a line of very nice concealment vests.

Devil Dog Arms is back in business, making an excellent line of ARs!

At Cold Steel’s booth, I saw, and acquired a copy of, their Recon 1, folding knife. Perfect for carrying. I’m carrying my copy now! CEO, Lynn Thompson, is a stand-up guy!

Separate subject:

My “Farnam Signature AR” has been produced for the last three years. The FSM4 is an AR that is set-up to my specifications for a serious domestic, defensive rifle. It features an Aimpoint Optic on a quick-release mount, BFG two-point sling, co-axial Powertac E5 Flashlight, Velocity Trigger, BUIS, and adjustable/folding stock from Law Tactical!

It’s designed as a serious gun, for serious purposes. It is designed to impress your enemies, not your friends! It comes to you precisely sighted-in a 40m (both optic and BUIS), ready to be put into immediate service!

Get yours from RobarGuns.com.

Now, I’m adding a companion piece, the “Farnam 308 Signature Rifle!”

We’ll be using these platforms:

1) POF Revolution Rifle

2) Robinson Arms XCR/M


4) DSA SA58

5) Springfield Armory M1A-A1SS (assuming we can configure it satisfactorily)

There are probably others that are just as good, but these are five in which I have great confidence.

To take advantage of the increased range available with the 308 round, I like Bushnell’s 1×8 military optic, on a

Larue quick-release mount that will permit the immediate transition to BUIS.

Stay tuned!