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More on Harvey

30 Aug 17 Harvey Follow-up: “Prepare, or go hunting for a four-leaf clover” Marshall Comments from our students and instructors in the affected area, all of whom are, of course, well prepared: “Power and water are off altogether in many areas, intermittent in others” “Being fully-armed, with both pistol(s) and rifle, at all times is […]


30 Aug 17 “‘Murphy’ is the only god war seems to recognize” Hudson Disaster on the Gulf Coast: As was the case when Hurricane Katrina swept over New Orleans in 2005, serpentine Hurricane Harvey has become a major catastrophe for the area, and the country. As was the case in 2005, we are now seeing […]

Glock “Gen5”

28 Aug 17 Gen5: Gen5 Glocks are currently being produced and are now in the pipeline! Gen5 Glock pistols are available in G17/19 only, at least for now. Other models may follow. Calibers other than 9mm may never follow! Most magazines and holsters are backward-compatible with previous G17/19 versions. There are a number of internal […]

Two Cities!

26 Aug 17 A Tale of Two Cities: In Belgium, they’re at least starting to “get it.” In the UK, they apparently never will! On Friday, a single, machete-wielding, “AA”-shouting, Islamic terrorist was shot to death by armed soldiers in Brussels. The terrorist attacked a group of soldiers on a Brussels street. The armed and […]


25 Aug 17 Modern and Trendy! “There’s a critical difference between humility and gullibility. Who can’t distinguish between the two live a short and anguished life of arrogant ignorance, and/or blind devotion.” Ritu Ghatourey Just reviewed an email from an online guns-and-ammo vender. They are advertising an aftermarket, replacement slide for the G17, that is […]

Massacre Thwarted!

24 Aug 17 Competence, combined with devotion to duty, saves the day, and the future! Friday, in the midst of grief following the Barcelona truck-attack, a second vehicle-attack ended abruptly in nearby Cambrils, Spain, when a single armed and well-trained LEO carried the fight to the enemy and, using his issued pistol, decisively shot four […]

Women in WY!

23 Aug 17 Time to start thinking about training at the historic Elk Mountain Hotel, 8-11 Sept 17, with DTIWomen. A wonderful time to be in Wyoming and develop your comfort with concealed carry and work on your competence with your handgun. Whether this is your first class, or you are a returning student, you […]

Pay Attention!

22 Aug 17 Personal Protection! These comments from a long-time friend, who does not share most of my political views, but still a good friend, counselor, and colleague. I do not require agreement with me on any particular subject to be a “condition of friendship!” He makes good points, maybe some I overlooked: “‘PAYING ATTENTION’ […]


21 Aug 17 Europe is Toast! This from a friend in Belgium: “Yet another murderous attack on innocents from the ‘enlightened’ religion! Every such attack in Europe is followed crowds gathering to: 1) Pray 2) Display ‘solidarity’ (whatever that means) with victims 3) Do nothing else Unfortunately, the Barcelona attack is already ‘old news.’ Little […]

Trucks Again!

17 Aug 17 Trucks again! Spain this time! Details on today’s bloody terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain are still coming in. Multiple deaths and injuries. The truck(s) involved drove into, and over, unsuspecting pedestrians for quite some distance before stopping. Like Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso, west Africa, Barcelona was selected by terrorists as a target, […]


16 Aug 17 Ammunition Situation: Distributors are, once again, beginning to run low on 5.56! This is a predictable response to current world and domestic events. Between the never-ending North Korea situation and an impending indigenous race war, exacerbated by clamourous, violent criminals on both sides, the media, and sissified politicians (including police chiefs) who […]

FN 509

15 Aug 17 FN 509 I got my hands on an FN 509 today, at a local retailer. I’ve carried its predecessor, the FNS, and still like it. Both the FNS and 509 are modern, striker-fired, Glock-like pistols, but the 509 has a slightly shorter grip (which means magazines are not backward-compatible with the FNS) […]

“Inner Peace”

14 Aug 17 Islamic Terrorism Never Ceases: Yesterday, in Ouagadougou, capitol city of the former west-African French colony of Burkina Faso, a group of Islamic terrorists burst into an upscale restaurant, popular with foreign tourists, and systematically murdered everyone they were able to, using AK rifles. Death toll is at least eighteen. Many others wounded. […]


9 Feb 17 “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws” Tacitus Guns in NYC! I conducted a Defensive Handgun Course recently for a group of students, all of whom live and work in NYC. We did the Course itself at an outdoor range in NJ. Several of my students (via past political […]

American Airlines

9 Aug 17 American Airlines I flew out to the East Coast last weekend. Back to CO yesterday. I flew on American Airlines. One connection on each leg of the round trip. In all fairness, flights were comfortable and mostly on-time. There was one problem: AA now insists on putting a bright, red tag on […]


5 Aug 17 The Meaning of Words: In our litagaphobic civilization, liability has become an object of morbid fear on the part of anyone, particularly any business entity with sufficient assets to attract the attention of sleazy, erstwhile-unemployed lawyers. This civilization is in desperate need of comprehensive tort reform! Until that day, pitiable causalities are, […]

(no subject)

1 Aug 17 Accessories: I am regularly asked about after-market “accessories” for production pistols, rifles, and shotguns, weapons that we recommend for serious use. The vast majority of after-market add-ons do not enjoy my recommendation, and I advise students that reputable guns come from the factory in eminently useable condition, and adding things to them […]