21 Aug 17

Europe is Toast!

This from a friend in Belgium:

“Yet another murderous attack on innocents from the ‘enlightened’ religion!

Every such attack in Europe is followed crowds gathering to:

1) Pray

2) Display ‘solidarity’ (whatever that means) with victims

3) Do nothing else

Unfortunately, the Barcelona attack is already ‘old news.’ Little is being done to prevent the next one. We won’t have long to wait, and everyone knows it. Yet, we do nothing!

Undocumented Islamics continue to flood into western Europe, unrestrained by our leftist “leaders.” Shootings, stabbings, vehicle attacks. It doesn’t matter. We’re not allowed to protect ourselves in any event!

European society has been castrated. We’ve had no wars for over seventy years. We have forgotten what war means. There are almost no survivors left from the Great War. Who lived through WWII have also nearly disappeared, and the current generation only gets accounts through TV and Internet. The ‘direct link’ with those who lived it is gone.

Confronting us, we have (once more) savages who do not respects us, nor our values. In fact, they have nothing but contempt for us, and our collective intelligence, and should! And this time, there is no longer an America who will rescue us!

A whole new “Holocaust” is coming! In fact, it has already started, as noted above.

Curiously, only the west side of Europe has been targeted by Islamic terrorists. In the East, they have maintained a tough stance on unrestrained Islamic invaders, and are currently benefitting from it. They are also resisting EU’s push to disarm everyone, except terrorists, and terrorists have obviously taken note!

Are we doomed in Western Europe?


We’ve already surrendered!”

Lesson for us:

Over here, hyper-agitated American leftists/liberals, with the cooperation of their lackeys in the media, are subtlety redefining lawful gun ownership by Americans as a new type of vile pornography. They have already successfully done so in the UK, Western Europe, and Australia, with results we can plainly see (above).

There is no “degree of control” of private gun possession that will ever satisfy the American Left. There is no “enough line” which need not be crossed by these modern-day Marxists.

This fact must be faced.

Complete disarmament of American citizens is the goal of the American Left. After that, of course, nothing will restrain them!

It is that simple.

Reality is not “paranoia.” It is merely reality.