22 Aug 17

Personal Protection!

These comments from a long-time friend, who does not share most of my political views, but still a good friend, counselor, and colleague. I do not require agreement with me on any particular subject to be a “condition of friendship!”

He makes good points, maybe some I overlooked:

“‘PAYING ATTENTION’ is at the base of all our personal security plans/procedures, and for good reason!

Whether the threat is a truck heading down La Rambla (one of the coolest places ever, but loaded with pickpockets) driven by a jihadist, with violent death of innocent pedestrians his only goal, or a drunk driver doing the identical thing (which probably happens more often), albeit with no intent to harm anyone in particular, or even someone behind the wheel who suffers a sudden ‘health disaster,’

It is PAYING ATTENTION that protects us!

All the more reason to not be talking on your cell phone, nor texting, whether your are a driver or pedestrian. There is simply too much going on around us all the time for us not to be constantly paying attention.

Walking/jogging down an isolated road? Not paying attention? Whether threats are represented by an oncoming car with a texting driver, or a rattlesnake on the shoulder, we simply must be alert to our surroundings.

I think the nature of, or reason for, a particular threat may be interesting from a political or historical standpoint, but that is all secondary. Personal awareness, and acknowledgment that there may be a significant threat to you personally,

1) At any time

2) In any place

3) In any form

4) From any direction

5) Under any circumstances

6) For any reason, or

7) For no reason at all

is what is most important, probably the only thing that really is important!

Need to make a call? Need to send or respond to a text? Back-up against a wall, keep your head up, and deal with it. I’m guessing that more pedestrians are killed via being run-down in crosswalks by distracted/clueless motorists than are ever killed by dedicated terrorists!

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to be ‘fully equipped,’ and I realize that is your standard MO, but guns aside, how many people start their descent into ‘unhappy outcomes’ merely by not paying attention to their surroundings?

Even when you can’t be continually armed with concealed guns, is having a flashlight on your person ‘controversial?’

I’ll be attending a local ‘festival’ soon. Crowds of 20-30k is not unusual for this event. Unlike you, I’m not going to avoid it. I will be there, and armed with a concealed pistol, flashlight, and several blades.

Nearly as important, I’ll also have a hat and sunscreen!

Most importantly of all, I’ll have my head up and be constantly looking and listening:

Where is my exit and nearest escape route?

What in my immediate vicinity is ‘odd,’ ‘angry,’ or just ‘wrong?’

When lights suddenly go out, can I quickly make my way to safety?

Do I have cash, credit cards, cell phone, car keys, flashlight, sturdy shoes?

‘Being prepared’ involves more than just ‘going armed!’

WE NEED TO PAY ATTENTION, no matter what we’re carrying, or not carrying.

It a bonus, in so many ways!”


Thank you, my friend. You’re right!