30 Aug 17

Harvey Follow-up:

“Prepare, or go hunting for a four-leaf clover”


Comments from our students and instructors in the affected area, all of whom are, of course, well prepared:

“Power and water are off altogether in many areas, intermittent in others”

“Being fully-armed, with both pistol(s) and rifle, at all times is absolutely mandatory! Most here are helpful and kind, but home-invasions and other kinds of criminal activity are rampant, and any species of police response is hours, maybe days, away. I’ve never before lived through anything like this! The media has not yet caught-up with the enormity of this event.”

“This is no country for the unarmed!”

“I used to get laughed-at for having so many flashlights. Not now, as most of them are currently loaned-out to those same skeptics! Not one of my Surefire, Streamlight, nor Firstlight flashlights has let me down. They are literally life-savers, and you can’t have too many!”

“Cash is king! Credit cards are worthless here. Most big grocery stores are closed. Some convenience stores are open, but shelves are mostly bare, and price-gouging is common. In any event, you’re not buying anything without cash!”

“So many of the “rescued” are bare-foot! They unhappily discovered that trying to hike any distance in flip-flops is impossible. Flip-flop-wearers, and others among the naively ill-prepared, are not faring well here!”

“Fuel is unavailable. People are siphoning gasoline out of lawn-mowers and garden tractors in order to power cars, generators, and chain-saws!”

“Ammunition is absolutely unavailable! No 9mm, 223/5.56mm, 308/7.62×51, 30Soviet/7.62×39, 12ga buckshot/slugs anywhere! Guns cannot be purchased at retailers, because most are closed, and NICS is down anyway. The unarmed are SOL!”

Comment: The affected area is expanding. We may not have seen the worst of it yet!

I sincerely hope the rest of us are taking these lessons seriously!

“Never give in to adversity. Never trust prosperity. And, never fail to take full note of fortune’s irritating habit of doing exactly as she pleases!”