17 Aug 17

Trucks again!

Spain this time!

Details on today’s bloody terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain are still coming in.

Multiple deaths and injuries.

The truck(s) involved drove into, and over, unsuspecting pedestrians for quite some distance before stopping.

Like Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso, west Africa, Barcelona was selected by terrorists as a target, because it is a popular tourist destination. Tourists arrive in Barcelona from all over Europe, the UK, Russia, China, and the USA.

However, unlike Burkina Faso, Barcelona is part of Western Europe, so this incident is not being smugly ignored by the media, as was the Islamic terrorist attack in Ouagadougou earlier this week!

Rapidly-moving trucks are nearly impossible to stop, as I editorialized in my Quip of 11 May 17, talking about similar truck attacks on pedestrians in Nice, France in July of 2106, and in Stockholm, Sweden in April of this year.

No explosives, nor gunfire, nor skilled marksmanship are required! All that is needed are suicidal jihadists, and they’re flooding into Europe, all with the blessing of cynical leftists governments!

And, such truck attacks are essentially unpreventible. After yet another “success” today, we’ll doubtless see more!

Advice to the rest of us, here and there:

1) Don’t travel offshore, particularly to “popular tourist destinations!”

2) Stay away from crowds.

3) Stay alert

4) Always be prepared to move, quickly!

5) Go armed

Terrorists are on a roll! They will never stop, nor relent, nor display any species of mercy. Western Civilization has still not found a way to deal with them effectively, and may never.

You’re on your own!