9 Aug 17

American Airlines

I flew out to the East Coast last weekend. Back to CO yesterday.

I flew on American Airlines. One connection on each leg of the round trip.

In all fairness, flights were comfortable and mostly on-time.

There was one problem:

AA now insists on putting a bright, red tag on all checked luggage that contains guns. The tag says:

“Return to RSO” (Baggage Security Office)

At AA, luggage containing guns does not go out to the carousal, as it does with most other airlines I fly. It is delivered directly to the AA baggage-claim office and must be surrendered personally to the legitimate claimant (after showing identification). I notice that it arrives at the baggage-claim office after all other luggage is out on the carousal, so you can now add at least ten minutes to your stay at the airport.

I guess I can understand their concern, but I don’t like this latest version of “steal me” tags hanging-off my luggage.

SW doesn’t do this to me, and they also don’t gouge me with luggage fees!

Again, in all fairness, both I and my luggage made both legs of my trip safely, and we both arrived at our destinations, mostly on-time. My checked bags contained my customary complement of guns, magazines, and ammunition, and none of that was any kind of problem.

However, as long as they insist on putting bright, red “steal me” tags on my checked luggage, I won’t be flying American Airlines!