16 Aug 17

Ammunition Situation:

Distributors are, once again, beginning to run low on 5.56!

This is a predictable response to current world and domestic events.

Between the never-ending North Korea situation and an impending indigenous race war, exacerbated by clamourous, violent criminals on both sides, the media, and sissified politicians (including police chiefs) who just can’t say “No,”

Americans are waxing nervous, once more.

I just got off the phone this morning with a friend in CA. He is frightened by current news and wants to buy an M4. I told him existing CA state law does not permit that, and will soon ban nearly all serious firearms from private possession.

I commented to him, “You voted for these sleazy Marxist ideologues. What did you think they would do? They have succeeded in bribing you with your own money, as leftists always do! Now, you’re sucking wind. Where you expecting another outcome?”

He is moving out of CA as fast as he can! Students in NY, MD, and other places find themselves in the same predicament!

Political violence is becoming a reality here in America, aggravated, indeed provoked, by our leftist media.

“Violent evangelism,” by Islamics is also a disturbing reality, here, and in all of Western Civilization. I don’t know why anyone is surprised. They’ve been doing it for the last 1400 years!

The unarmed/unprepared are cannon-fodder!

All the rest of us can do is be prepared and alert, and do our best to stay out of the way!

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