25 Aug 17

Modern and Trendy!

“There’s a critical difference between humility and gullibility. Who can’t distinguish between the two live a short and anguished life of arrogant ignorance, and/or blind devotion.”

Ritu Ghatourey

Just reviewed an email from an online guns-and-ammo vender.

They are advertising an aftermarket, replacement slide for the G17, that is “electro-optical-sight-ready.”

But I notice that, in keeping with the gee-whiz, I-hope-this-impresses-my-friends ethos of young, hip, aspiring (but misguided) Operators, it is machined with all sorts of maladroit “gripping surfaces” and multiple, “slotted openings.”

These ostensibly allow one to view the thus-exposed barrel (not sure why that is important).

I wonder whether purveyors, and purchasers, of such a thing ever think this through.

What will happen when they desperately attempt to fire their shiny, edgy wunderwaffe, as they dodge incoming bullets, while submerged in a cold, muddy ditch, at night, in the rain, upon recovering their glittering monstrosity from a bottomless pool of sloppy, sandy mud?

A “happy ending” is unlikely!

I’m not sure what all this means, beyond guns mistakenly viewed (by the naive and vain) as little more that icons of power and chic.

But, it all overlooks the fact that guns are not wizardly talismans of “automatic victory.”

“Looking chic,” and being legitimately prepared to win the fight, are not the same things!

You have to ask yourself:

“Am I trying to impress my friends, or my enemies?”

“Despite all the velcro, high-tech gear, and confusing politics, just do what you were trained to do, Son: Run your gun with measured precision. Shoot accurately, with deliberate purpose. Discipline will always defeat panic”

Advice from a senior member of famed “Bat32,” South African Defense Forces (long-since disbanded by the ANC, owing to of their legendary “malicious competence” )