28 Aug 17


Gen5 Glocks are currently being produced and are now in the pipeline!

Gen5 Glock pistols are available in G17/19 only, at least for now. Other models may follow.

Calibers other than 9mm may never follow!

Most magazines and holsters are backward-compatible with previous G17/19 versions.

There are a number of internal changes with the Gen5, many of them previously introduced with the G42/43.

Internal improvements are designed to reduce wear and parts breakage, and thus increase reliability and extend overall service-life of the pistol.

Externally, the front of the slide has been rounded-off, in order to reduce the “blocky” appearance of previous models.

Commercial version of the Gen5 G17/19 (that you and I will buy) is essentially the same pistol with which Glock is currently supplying the FBI, and other federal agencies.

Glock deserves much credit, once more, for continuing to improve their product! However, previous versions and “generations” of Glocks continue to run just fine. I have several “Gen1″ G17s that I use regularly, and that I’ve never come close to “wearing out,” nor is it likely I ever will. All my “pre-Gen5″ Glocks, while far from “new,” are still perfectly serviceable, and probably always will be!

Gen5 G17/19s now represent the “State of the Art,” but they do not render all previous Glocks “obsolete,” nor is there any particular reason for most of us to immediately “retire” previous versions and run out and get the Gen5!

Sometime before the end of the year, I’ll start carrying a Gen5 G19. In the interim, I still have complete confidence in my Gen4 G19s, as well (noted above) as my thirty-year-old Gen1 G17s!