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‘”Common Sense?”

30 May 16 Beware of “Common Sense!” Much gas being expended this election year, and our Second Amendment is a first-tier issue this time! When aspiring Marxists describe their plans to restrict our rights, always “… for our own good,” they deceitfully label it all “common sense,” assuring us all that destruction of personal liberty […]

“Favorite” Weapons!

23 May 16 “Warriors should not have ‘favorite’ weapons.” Miyamoto Musashi, from his “Book of Five Rings,” written in 1645AD, near the end of his life One of our students recalls a valuable drill, and now knows why we include it: “Earlier this year, I was by myself in our remote mountain home. Shortly after […]

Women Carrying Guns

22 May 16 Women carrying guns: This is a subject upon which I am uniquely unqualified to speak! Yet, we have many female students who come to me for sound advice, and I have to do my best to provide respectable counsel, even though many challenges they face I do not experience personally. Carrying concealed […]

2017 NRA Convention, Second Day

21 May 16 2016 NRA Convention, Second Day: More upon which to report from the vendor area: There was news from the event’s official hotel, in downtown Louisville, that a group of a dozen clowns were briefly singing anti-gun slogans, before being escorted out. However, at the vendor area, which was some distance away at […]

2016 NRA Convention

20 May 16 2016 NRA Convention, in Louisville, KY: Vicki and I attended the first day of the NRA Convention today. Vendor area is huge! Eleven acres. It is beginning to rival the SHOT Show! As with the SHOT Show, we enjoyed a day of seeing new products, and many old friends! DJT was at […]

Scratch AA!

19 May 16 “I’d like to help you out. Which way did you come in?” Amish Proverb Scratch AA! On the subject of transportation of guns and ammunition in checked baggage on domestic flights, you’ll find airline web pages do their best to hide the information. What they do have is imprecise, mealy-mouthed, and thus […]

Beware Indeed!

16 May 16 War of the Worlds: This is from a friend in national intelligence. It is nothing new to anyone involved in military intelligence, but the rest of us may need reminding: “So-called ‘news’ is manufactured. It is routinely used as a weapon. The single most important and effective weapon in warfare is intelligence, […]


16 May 16 Beware! Buried in today’s news is the story that Al Qaeda’s “Inspire” online magazine is ordering jihadis already within CONUS to go to the homes of business leaders and murder them, beginning with Bill Gates. Inspire also encourages random knife attacks of Americans, the same kind that are a daily occurrence in […]

What’s Missing?

13 May 16 Something missing? On Wednesday, an off-duty deputy sheriff was enjoying lunch with his wife at a quiet restaurant in a shopping mall in MA. Without warning, a man crashed his car into the mall entrance, then entered the restaurant and began stabbing people. The heroic deputy confronted the suspect with his “personally […]


11 May 16 Correction with regard to OF Mossberg & Sons Inc: In my Quip of 10 May 16, I identified “Mossberg” as a company currently pursuing “smart gun” technology. As it turns out, I was confused, along with many others! A “Jonathan Mossberg,” whose genetic relation, if any, to the OF Mossbergs I don’t […]

More Control!

11 May 16 Sage comments from a friend in the electronics field, on the subject of “smart” guns: “The only real goal of the current push by leftists for mandating “smart guns” is to give ‘authorities’ (them) the capability to arbitrarily/instantly disable weapons of citizens. What is the point of legislating a disabling mechanism, without […]

“Smart” Guns?

UPDATE 12 MAY 2016: After posting this, we were made aware of some misinformation. Read the corrections here.   10 May 16 “Being knowledgeable… blurs dissenting views until they are no longer visible, thereby transforming data-collection into bias confirmation, and self-deception into self-assurance.” Michael Shermer Put another way: “Don’t cross the stream to find water.” Norwegian […]


9 May 16 “‘Courage’ isn’t having the strength to go on. It is going on when all strength has deserted you” Napoléon Bonaparte I talked with several prestigious golf instructors today, and we discussed similarities between the Arts we teach and advance. Many young golfers are able to produce acceptable drives via muscle alone. In […]

Terms and Language!

5 May 16 More refinement of terms, from my friend and colleague, and a giant in our Art, Larry Mudgett: “When none of our ‘Four Universal Safety Rules’ were involved in the errant discharge in question, it is correctly described as an ‘accident,’ or ‘accidental discharge.’” It is not the result of negligence on the […]


3 May 16 “‘Security’ is mostly superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do children of men, as a whole, experience it. In the long run, avoiding danger is no safer than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing!” Helen Keller “Negligent Discharge” My good friend and colleague, Dave Grossman, correctly […]


2 May 16 “Existence is random. Has no pattern, save what we imagine after staring at it too long.” Alan Moore Range Accident! On the East Coast last week, during a live-fire, state-sponsored, police pistol training exercise, two experienced and competent instructors were handing-off a G23, one to the other. Both were standing next to […]